Hello! My name is Sam and I am an online fitness and nutrition coach based in the Boston area :)

A few years ago, I was in a place in life where I felt weak physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wanted to change, and at that time, I didn't quite know how. I was always looking for the easy solution, the route that involved the least amount of work, and anytime I was frustrated with my appearance, I blamed my physique on bad genetics and thought I could never look "like that." But.. after many failed attempts, I finally did it.. I committed to a new lifestyle and ACTUALLY STUCK WITH IT because I found a way to live that was sustainable and maintainable, nothing like the yo-yo diets or exercise regimens I had gone through in the past. One thing I want to emphasize is that I did not do it alone. I had a huge support network of friends and family and found myself always asking questions, talking to other trainers, and trying to learn as much as possible. I asked my friends and family to keep me accountable, and they did. And now, after many ups and downs and frustrations and uncertainties.. you've managed to come across my page and read my journey, so thank you for letting me share it with you!

Fitness changed my life. It helped me realize that I own my happiness and that each step forward in life is under my control through my daily actions. My own physical and mental transformation helped to solidify that feeling of control. The insight I gained in the gym through lifting weights empowered me to gain confidence in my trajectory, my purpose in this life, and also motivated me to create this page. It's my hope that my journey, my transformation, and my outgoing personality contrasted with my hard work ethic can inspire you to make steps in the right direction.  Fast forward a few years from that low point I mentioned, and now I'm a certified NASM Personal Trainer, I was offered a training position at my local gym Boston Sports Clubs, and I am blessed enough to have the opportunity to help people online! 

As a certified personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach, I have finally arrived at a place where I have found BALANCE with my training, my friends and family, my work, my fun weekend life, all while loving who I am. I want to help you get to that same place and want to share my discoveries and mistakes with you, so you can get there even faster. My passion is to give confidence to those who lack it, empower both men and women in and outside of the gym, as well as provide nutritional advice, give you access to my recipes, and invite you to be part of a network of individuals also trying to better themselves!

As your fitness and nutrition coach/accountability partner, I want to share my discoveries and mistakes with you and show you the most efficient and sustainable way to reach your goals. My passion is to give you confidence and empower you through the use of SUSTAINABLE and MAINTAINABLE nutrition and training! No yo-yo diets, no fad exercise routines. I work with people to help them achieve a new lifestyle - not a temporary fix, but something you can follow for LIFE, and one that restores confidence!

When I'm not immersed in the fitness world, you can find me in the design world! I graduated in 2013 with my Masters of Architecture degree and built up experience in architecture and design firms. Now, I am a sole entity and live the flexible lifestyle as a freelance designer and photographer. I work with a range of organizations on a variety of super cool projects with some incredibly talented people! Want to check out what I do outside of the gym? Go to my website!


Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Ghandi.