Are you an entrepreneur or high-achieving woman who....


  • has struggled with weight, food, and your confidence for years?
  • restricts during the day and binges at night and weekends?
  • has been losing and gaining the same 5-10lbs over and over again?
  • uses food or alcohol to wind down, distract, numb or comfort?
  • experiences lots of self-doubt, especially in business or your work?


Are you ready to finally end your lifelong battle with self-esteem, food and your weight?

 If so, you are in the right place.


Imagine being totally stress-free around food and your body and never having to worry about what to wear again?


💸 $25,000

The average woman spends $25,000 in her lifetime on dieting and weight loss products 💥


11 times

She will lose her body weight 11 times OVER in her lifetime 🤯


🗓 19 days

The average diet lasts just 19 days 😱



Not sure if you believe me? This says it all…


👯‍♀️ 84%

84% of diet clubs are made up of repeat customers who are losing and regaining the same weight, over and over again.


🧠 75%

75% of all American women experience unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to food or their bodies every single day.


💁🏼‍♀️ 4%

Only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful 💔


Data shows that the mainstream ways of weight loss DO NOT WORK..

(at least not for the long-term)

Your body and more importantly, your mind, need to know what’s happening underneath so you can break free of this vicious cycleAnd the way to do that is through a psychology-based approach that taps into your subconscious mind, where all of your limiting beliefs live.



Your body and your mind need to be rewired and reprogrammed so you can break free of the vicious cycle of self-doubt and fear and step into ENERGY and CONFIDENCE. 


Freedom to be who you are at work and own it.

Freedom to eat what you want and feel in control.

Freedom to ask for what you want because you feel worthy enough to do so.

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what other women just like you have to say:

“But Sam, nothing has worked for me…”

Are you going to continue doing the same thing you’ve always done, and expecting to get a different result? This is an invitation into a new you, who is completely free from battles with self-esteem, food and her body.


“But Sam, I’m BUSY and short on time. . .”

I get it. As a high achieving woman, your time is LIMITED, to say the least. But how much time have you spent worrying about your appearance, food, bingeing, or staring into the mirror with nothing but self-hate and criticism? How much energy do you waste thinking about food all of the time? The time required to achieve freedom is a fraction of that. 


“I’m sick and tired of being hungry 24/7, dieting and starving myself, it never works. . .” 

That’s because diets are band-aid fixes to the problem. Did you know 96-99% of women who lose weight on a diet gain it back, plus some, in less than a year? Why? Because diets don’t focus on the ROOT of your food, weight and confidence struggles. The truth is, dieting and fear rob you of your life and your energy. No wonder why you are exhausted, low on energy and frustrated as hell.


Let's look at what's really going on:


My signature 8-week psychology-based program helps you rewrite your limiting beliefs around food, your weight and your body so you can ditch DIETING, SELF-DOUBT and EXCESS WEIGHT and show up confidently in your skin and at peace in your mind.



The 3 foundational pillars = 1 result.

3 primary psychology-based nutrition strategies will transform your relationship with food so that you can lose weight, enjoy your life, and never feel restricted or hangry again.

How to create a positive body image using neuroscience techniques that will allow you to shed the excess 5-10lbs you’ve been wanting to lose.

Where you are NOW is not where you have to be forever. Your journey starts here. Today.


Here’s what FREEDOM tastes like for alumni members….


This could be you..

Amy C: down 40lbs, no more binging

Caroline C - down ~5% body fat, no more emotional eating

Sara S - Down 10lbs, no more binging

Theresa B -- down 10lbs, no more binging

Tastes Like Freedom paves your path to heal your relationship with food and to love your body, and more importantly yourself.

It is YOUR personal guide, your toolkit. It’s an empowerment infusion that will keep coming back to for life as you get closer to the woman you want to be.

This course is not designed to change or shrink you. It’s designed to EMPOWER you. To show up for yourself, every day, because you are worth it.

Sign Me Up Sam, I'm Freakin' Ready!

Seriously, what’s holding you back?


think of how much time you spend rewriting emails, IG stories or in the kitchen binging or trying the newest fad diet..


This investment pays for itself beecause you will feel confident to increase your rates, ask for a raise and truly see your worth. Women have told me they asked for a $100,000 salary, tripled their rates, gotten approved for $50k PPP loans after taking my course.


You already are living in fear and self-doubt. It's time to rise to the occasion and try something different.

Queen, this is YOUR life. You can choose to live it exactly how you want. 

I KNOW what can hold you back, and we’re here to say you are not alone. I've strategically built this program for the service based high achiever to work FOR you, so you will stay consistent and accountable.


Here's Your Course Curriculum:

When you join, you not only get a course, you get a community. Plus, a whole lot more.


Here's a Sneak Peak Inside the Course:

What Else is Included:

8 self-paced modules

packed with easy action steps for your success. I cover the most common questions about food, body and weight in each module and you’ll have unlimited replays (alumni of the course tell me they go back and rewatch the modules when they need a refresher!).

Tastes Like Freedom Interactive Workbook with Writing Prompts, Meditations and Mantras to 10x Your Results

The exclusive Tastes Like Freedom (TLF) workbook to keep everything in one place to help you easily stay on track with the course and accelerate your weightloss and healing results, even on the go

Queen's Companion, a 6 Tab Master Spreadsheet

Downloadable spreadsheet with 6 tabs, the exact meals I eat, a grocery list, a weekly tracker for accountability, morning/nighttime routines, and healthy hacks to make your food journey easy!

Exclusive Member's Discount

Discounts on my upcoming courses (mid-2021): End Your Emotional Eating, Master Your Mindset, Manifest that Sh*t, and Better Body Image.

Bonus Case Study

A case study on hormones and the impact of stress on your results with women's hormone and health expert Artemis Scantalides.


Priority access to retreats and in-person celebration and connection with me and your aligned soul sisters!

Daily Meditation

5 Min Daily Meditation for Releasing Excess Weight + Healing. Listen to this 5-minute meditation every day for the next 8 weeks, upon awakening or before bed. Your brain works with repetition. It's not enough to just say It or write it once. Write It daily and watch life change!! Recite these empowered beliefs that move you forward and recite them daily until you believe them fully and they manifest as your reality.


Most importantly, you get a community, a sisterhood of women working on the same goal as you. You are not alone on your journey - nor should you be. We have an amazing community of badass, high achieving women JUST LIKE YOU, to empower and strengthen you from the inside out. Share the wins, the losses, the highs and lows and everything in between. This community is here to support YOU, and so am I.

Meet some of your fellow Queens

I'm Ready Sam!

Here are what other high achieving women are saying about Tastes like Freedom..

Here is my happy dance ladies!!!!! I’m down 6 lbs in the first week! The start of a new commitment is always challenging so it was really nice to get this validation!!! Here’s to another week of crushing it!!!

I trust in myself to keep promises to myself, not just saying things I’d like to do but being able to say them AND do them!

"I am making choices based on what b instead of what diet culture says I should be doing."

"I am more self-aware. I can say with confidence that I have a lot going for me and I'm owning that I am pretty great at some things in life!"

"I am not focused on calories and macros. I eat what sounds good to me at the time. I'm not anxious about not having a plan and being comfortable in social situations."

My relationship with food has changed so much since TLF. I now see food as food, and I can eat anything I want. EVEN IF my first reaction is “shit I fucked up” I realize, I'm fine and don't sweat it and just get back on track.

The Mind Behind TLF + Your Hype Women

Founder & Head Coach


The person who may or may not have been inside of your head.

Did everything just speak to your soul?

Because I just described a former version of me. I know the space you’re in quite intimately. I was her. 

I used to be totally consumed by food and my body. I was disgusted and ashamed by my body. I hid in baggy clothes. I would pull on my belly, poke my thighs and pick at my skin - thinking about how much I didn't like myself. I was so unhappy and empty inside. I used food and alcohol as a way to numb the pain- it was the only thing that worked! I started binge drinking and binge eating. It was the only way I knew how to deal. And I was convinced that if I shrunk and got the perfect body, I would suddenly be happy and confident. If I was smaller I would deserve the happiness and confidence. 

Fast forward to today - I realized I had let society tell me that I was simultaneously too much and also not enough. I weighed too much and didn’t fit into size 0 clothes, yet, I was not successful or pretty or perfect enough. Somehow, I was too much AND not enough.

Like you, I had been programmed by society to chase the picture of what life “should” look like: the perfect body, perfect diet, perfect career, perfect relationship, perfect family, perfect instagram feed… to be happy and fulfilled.

Amidst what society told me, I lost myself. I forgot who I was. I dropped my crown. 👑

Now, I’m still the same wild, crazy, control-lovin’, perfection-seeking, fulfillment-searching, freedom-chasing human..

.. I've just learned how to find peace around food, be comfortable in my body and come home to myself in a fast paced world that tried to tell me I wasn’t enough or deserving.

It’s been about 6 years since I started my journey, and now, instead of using food, alcohol, online shopping, netflix or scrolling Instagram to numb, avoid and cope with my unhappiness.. I am in the driver’s seat of my life. I took control and found the key to total freedom around food and self love. I promise I can get you there quicker. 

What I’ve learned is this: no amount of dieting or nutrition textbooks can make you love your body or find happiness in your life — Only YOU have the power to do that.

I have healed my relationship with food and my body. I came home to myself. Now I know that deep down I am deserving. I am enough. And I am capable of my deepest desires.  I show up for myself and am consistent with my eating habits, my sleep, my routines and have boundaries set in place to prioritize me and my relationship with self. 

I found myself again. I picked up my crown, dusted it off and put it on.

I’ve learned how to embrace and put ORDER to my wild, fun-seeking, hard-working self.

I took my power back. I reclaimed my happiness. I embarked on a journey to feeling comfortable in my body and normal around food. And now, I’m going to teach you how to do the same.

Hell Yes! I'm Ready to Taste Freedom!