Are you ready to end your lifelong battle with food and your body? 


Since 2016, I have helped 500+ women love themselves and let go of excess weight in the process. Will you be next?

  • Imagine releasing up to 50+ lbs of excess weight, including the opinions of others ;) and feeling confident AF in every piece of clothing you own
  • Imagine going out with your friends and ordering your favorite dish off the menu, without overthinking it
  • Imagine being present at meals, instead of thinking about your next meal as you're eating
  • Imagine eating your favorite foods without guilt or gaining weight
  • Imagine having a relaxing morning routine that sets you up for a productive day
  • Imagine finding a balance between your nutrition, workouts, work, relationships and life?

That's a snapshot of your future after joining Tastes Like Freedom.


After healing my own 15 year battle with my weight, I'm going to show you how to liberate yourself, too!


This program is for you if....

  • you find yourself overeating, emotional eating or bingeing late at night
  • your lack of confidence holding you back in your work, friendships, social situations, sex life and relationship
  • you skip meals, struggle to keep regular meal times or eat infrequently
  • you judge foods, feel guilty/ashamed after eating certain foods and restrict certain food groups
  • you have been struggling with food / your body for more than 1 year

Does this sound like you?

I'm ready to taste freedom

What It's Like to Taste Freedom:


My psychology-based nutrition program that gives you 100% control of food and the confidence to wear your favorite jeans, sexy lingerie or that hot ass bathing suit ;)

When you join, you not only get a course, you get access to the tools that have transformed the lives of hundreds. Plus, a whole lot more.


Here's a Sneak Peak Inside the Course:

What Else is Included:

8 self-paced modules

packed with easy action steps for your success. I cover the most common questions about food, body and weight in each module and you’ll have unlimited replays (alumni of the course tell me they go back and rewatch the modules when they need a refresher!).

Tastes Like Freedom Interactive Workbook with Journal Prompts That Have Helped Women Lose Up to 40+ lbs

Queen's Companion, a Nutriton Guide to Empower Your Nutritional Choices


Bonus Case Study

A case study on hormones and the impact of stress on your results with women's hormone and health expert Artemis Scantalides.


Priority access to retreats and in-person celebration and connection with me and your aligned soul sisters!

5 Minute Meditation to Release Excess Weight

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How to Know If Tastes Like Freedom Is For You

“But Sam, nothing has worked for me…”

This is an invitation into a new you, who is completely free from battles with self-esteem, food and her body. The reason why it hasn't worked is because you never got to the ROOT caause. In TLF, we identify your TRIGGERS and eliminate emotional eating (the primary cause of weight gain).


“But Sam, I’m BUSY and short on time. . .”

And that's why the video modules are less than 10 minutes! As a busy woman, your time is LIMITED, to say the least. But how much time have you spent worrying about your appearance, food, bingeing, or staring into the mirror with nothing but self-hate and criticism? How much energy do you waste thinking about food all of the time? The time required to achieve freedom is a fraction of that. 


“I’m sick and tired of being hungry 24/7, dieting and starving myself, it never works. . .” 

That’s because diets are band-aid fixes to the problem. Did you know 96-99% of women who lose weight on a diet gain it back, plus some, in less than a year? Why? Because diets don’t focus on the ROOT of your food, weight and confidence struggles. We need to get you back to eating with ease like a kid again.

Here’s what FREEDOM tastes like for alumni members….

Amy C: down 40lbs, no more binging

Caroline C - down ~5% body fat, no more emotional eating

Sara S - Down 10lbs, no more binging

Theresa B -- down 10lbs, no more binging

Tastes Like Freedom paves your path to heal your relationship with food and to love your body, and more importantly yourself.

It is YOUR personal guide, your toolkit. It’s an empowerment infusion that will keep coming back to for life as you get closer to the woman you want to be.

This course is not designed to change or shrink you. It’s designed to EMPOWER you. To show up for yourself, every day, because you are worth it.

Sign Me Up Sam, I'm Freakin' Ready!

Results from fellow women who weren't sure about TLF, but so glad they joined

I'm Ready Sam!

Here are what other high achieving women are saying about Tastes like Freedom..

Here is my happy dance ladies!!!!! I’m down 6 lbs in the first week! The start of a new commitment is always challenging so it was really nice to get this validation!!! Here’s to another week of crushing it!!!

I trust in myself to keep promises to myself, not just saying things I’d like to do but being able to say them AND do them!

"I am making choices based on what my body wants instead of what diet culture says I should be doing."

"I am more self-aware. I can say with confidence that I have a lot going for me and I'm owning that I am pretty great at some things in life!"

"I am not focused on calories and macros. I eat what sounds good to me at the time. I'm not anxious about not having a plan and being comfortable in social situations."

My relationship with food has changed so much since TLF. I now see food as food, and I can eat anything I want. EVEN IF my first reaction is “shit I fucked up” I realize, I'm fine and don't sweat it and just get back on track.

Your Hype Woman + The Mind Behind TLF

Founder & Head Coach


The person who may or may not have been inside of your head.

Did everything just speak to your soul?

Because I just described a former version of me. I know the space you’re in quite intimately. I was her. 

I used to be totally consumed by food and my body. I was disgusted and ashamed by my body. I hid in baggy clothes. I would pull on my belly, poke my thighs and pick at my skin - thinking about how much I didn't like myself. I was so unhappy and empty inside. I used food and alcohol as a way to numb the pain- it was the only thing that worked! I started binge drinking and binge eating. It was the only way I knew how to deal. And I was convinced that if I shrunk and got the perfect body, I would suddenly be happy and confident. If I was smaller I would deserve the happiness and confidence. 

Fast forward to today - I realized I had let society tell me that I was simultaneously too much and also not enough. I weighed too much and didn’t fit into size 0 clothes, yet, I was not successful or pretty or perfect enough. Somehow, I was too much AND not enough.

Like you, I had been programmed by society to chase the picture of what life “should” look like: the perfect body, perfect diet, perfect career, perfect relationship, perfect family, perfect instagram feed… to be happy and fulfilled.

Amidst what society told me, I lost myself. I forgot who I was. I dropped my crown. 👑

Now, I’m still the same wild, crazy, control-lovin’, perfection-seeking, fulfillment-searching, freedom-chasing human..

.. I've just learned how to find peace around food, be comfortable in my body and come home to myself in a fast paced world that tried to tell me I wasn’t enough or deserving.

It’s been about 6 years since I started my journey, and now, instead of using food, alcohol, online shopping, netflix or scrolling Instagram to numb, avoid and cope with my unhappiness.. I am in the driver’s seat of my life. I took control and found the key to total freedom around food and self love. I promise I can get you there quicker. 

What I’ve learned is this: no amount of dieting or nutrition textbooks can make you love your body or find happiness in your life — Only YOU have the power to do that.

I have healed my relationship with food and my body. I came home to myself. Now I know that deep down I am deserving. I am enough. And I am capable of my deepest desires.  I show up for myself and am consistent with my eating habits, my sleep, my routines and have boundaries set in place to prioritize me and my relationship with self. 

I found myself again. I picked up my crown, dusted it off and put it on.

I’ve learned how to embrace and put ORDER to my wild, fun-seeking, hard-working self.

I took my power back. I reclaimed my happiness. I embarked on a journey to feeling comfortable in my body and normal around food. And now, I’m going to teach you how to do the same.

Give me this freedom, Sam!