Let's get one thing straight: you deserve to have a healthy relationship with food, your body and most importantly, yourself. 


You deserve to be comfortable in your skin and favorite shorts.
You deserve to be confident enough in yourself to build the life of your dreams.
You deserve to be in the driver's seat of your life with food.
You deserve to lose the weight you've wanted to lose, for what seems like forever.
This is exactly what I want!

My love, I know how it feels to be unhappy in your body and use food to cope, especially at night. I'd be "good" all day but dinner was where all hell broke loose! Can you relate?


⚠️  Maybe junk food is what you look forward to most right now?

⚠️  Maybe you wrap up a long day at work & all you want to do is wind down on the couch with trash TV and a bag of chips or your favorite pint of ben & jerry's?

⚠️  Maybe you reach for cookies late at night when life gets tough because food is a reliable confidant and friend?

⚠️  Maybe you stress eat when work gets too overwhelming? or eat to console yourself when you're lonely?

Look, I get it. It’s so easy to let the little voice in your head say, “just this one time won’t hurt” or "you deserve it."

But, you know that food eventually becomes tasteless because no amount of food could ever give you what you truly want:

  • to be fulfilled
  • to feel good enough
  • to be happy
  • to be loved

I know this, because that used to be me. 😳

I used to eat for comfort. I used to eat for loneliness. I used to eat for.. well, everything.

And that voice egging me on, was my Ego, trying to keep me fat, overweight and safe in a body that was much too heavy for me.

Food was the most exciting things in my life at the time.

And no amount of food from the supermarket would provide me with what I really wanted: happiness.

If you are in this spot right now, I want to invite you to book a call to chat with me.
Okay Sam, Let's Chat!
I was 30lbs overweight. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and I turned to food to cope with stress, anxiety and life.
Fast forward to now: I’ve lost 30lbs and I have transformed my relationship with food, built the body and life of my dreams.

And now it's my mission to help guide you to your own transformation and give you the blueprint to go from sabotaging to successful.


I help you lose fat forever, build habits for a new life, transform your mindset, and empower you to start making choices that make you feel good when you hit the pillow at night.

It’s time to start taking control.

It’s time to get your life back.

It’s time to start grabbing life by the freakin horns!!

I know it’s possible for you, because I did it for myself and I’ve done it for hundreds of other women.

It’s your turn.



You struggle with an all-or-nothing mentality..
Let’s say you eat a bagel, and then you feel guilty and like a failure and it makes you want to ditch the whole week. If your coworker brings in donuts or cookies, you tell yourself you can’t have one. But eventually, you give in and you end up eating 2, or 5 (let’s be real) and feel even MORE guilty for over-indulging.

You’re not getting results..
You’ve yo-yo dieted. You’ve done endless amounts of cardio. You’ve tried keto, intermittent fasting, low carb, low fat, LOW FUN, basically you’ve tried everything, including starving yourself in order to get the body of your dreams. You’ve tried everything and you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired from working hard and not seeing progress.

You are full of self-doubt, you don’t trust or believe in yourself..
You can’t keep promises to yourself. You need external accountability. You know what you should be doing, but you just can’t seem to actually do it. You spend so much time picking yourself apart in the mirror that you don’t remember the last time you actually gave thought to the things you DO love about yourself. Truthfully, you don’t even know what it’s like to truly like the person you are.

You’re scared to fail, again..
You’re afraid to try this again because you don’t want to fail, AGAIN. You’ve done the whole “lose weight, eat healthy, exercise” thing before. Probably many times. And every time you’ve tried to be successful, you end up messing up somewhere. You feel like a failure and it sucks, and it feels like a confirmation that you just weren’t meant to succeed in the first place. You are sick of putting in the effort and you feel like you take 2 steps forward and 5 steps back.


Wait. One more thing…

Yes, I’m your coach.. but remember, I share similar struggles with you. I’m still a human with real problems and issues. I’m not a perfect Instagram model.

We are all human. I struggle. I have my shit (listen to my podcast, you’ll find that out). The main difference between you and I is that I have probably failed a hell of a lot more times. But, I have managed to get back up time after time, have accumulated strategies to manage challenges and have built habits that have allowed me to maintain my physique. I follow the same habits that I will help you build. I am right there with you, playing on the same field. I just have a bit more experience, a bit more time in the game.

That’s exactly why I love what I do. Because I get to remind you that you aren’t alone. We are all struggling with shit and I want to help you manage and work through yours.


Sam (Salty)


I will put an end to your food and body struggles forever, 100% guaranteed. The transformation starts within, but leaves an external transformation that will last forever.