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My name is Sam and I am a psychology based eating, health and personal development coach, course creator and host of the Be More Real podcast, a show designed specifically to empower high achieving women to stop their sabotage their health and reclaim their Queen-like confidence to build the body and life of their dreams. 

The investment for this experience starts at $5,000 for 3 months. One time payment and payment plans are available. FYI: You can write this coaching experience off as a business expense if you own a business or have a side-hustle with a 1099. 

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Sam Altieri is a psychology based nutrition and life coach whose passion lies in empowering high achieving women to heal their relationship with food and their body. She believes that when you feel confident in your body and at peace in your mind, your potential is endless and you will manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

She is a highly sought after coach, speaker and expert on food, the mind, the body, and helps women heal their body image and food issues from the root, instead of using dieting and restricting calories as a bandaid solution.

Sam is the host of podcast, Be More Real with Sam, author of Balanced Eats and creator of the online course, Tastes Like Freedom, designed to help women stop dieting and build a healthy relationship with food and their body.


Growing up as a competitive dancer and athlete, she spent years trying to fix, shrink and chase the perfect body using restrictive diets and self-hate. She believed food was the enemy and in her mid-20s, finally faced the 30 pounds of excess weight she had gained from relying solely on food to be her biggest comfort in times of anxiety, stress and sadness.

After healing her low self-worth, disordered eating and body image struggles, she was determined to share her experience to empower others. Now she teaches using the tools and methodologies she has learned in her 5 years of study of psychology, nutrition, body image and weight loss.

She sees a world in which the female rises and steps into her power, knows her worth, feels at peace in her mind and confident in her body so she can have more time and energy for things that truly matter like living out her purpose and being with family.

She loves connecting with like-minded high achieving women to uplift the collective and create lasting impactful change from the women on this planet.

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