How to Find Your Unique Angle in Your Niche and STOP Overthinking It

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2023

Have you ever found yourself massively overthinking what your niche is, where you belong, and who you serve in your business? This is something that comes up a lot in my 1:1 coaching, membership, and masterminds and is something I get so fired up about. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I truly believe that everyone has their own unique angle that sets them apart from everyone else, no matter what niche you’re in. If you’re ready to STOP overthinking your niche and discover what sets YOU apart from the crowd, read on as I share some tips and takeaways from a recent 1:1 coaching call with Charlotte, a trained hypnobirthing practitioner who’s ready to take her business to the next level and step into the more “niche” world of birth mindset coaching. 


Overcoming Mindset Blocks Around Your Niche

As an entrepreneur, there can be so many mindset blocks around getting “too niche” in your offerings and who you want to serve. You may question how you can get in front of your perfect client so you can actually be seen by the people you are passionate about serving. In a recent 1:1 call, I dove into this with an amazing woman named Charlotte who serves pregnant women in the birth mindset coaching space, which is obviously a niche audience. 


A lot of spiritual entrepreneurs have a really hard time putting into words exactly what they do, who they serve, and how they serve, without OVERLY explaining it. So often, they actually overcomplicate their title and niche and confuse people, making it hard to pinpoint what they actually do.  


Oversimplifying the complex aspects of your role to get your point across and give value actually leads to more confusion for your people when you try to be so specific in who you’re speaking to. Instead, focus on giving value and helping people understand the thought process and reason BEHIND your work. 


By just being who you are, people will feel you, get to know you, and learn more about you. 


From there, it’s time to step into your teacher archetype. You have to assume that your ideal client has no idea what this is that you do, and that is WHY you are bringing awareness to the problem you can solve. For some of your ideal clients, they may be at different stages of the journey and not even know they have or will have this problem yet. You can't sell something to somebody who doesn't know they need it, want it, or understand why they’d pay to work with you. 


Nailing Your Messaging and Marketing

In order to overcome this block, it all comes down to messaging and marketing. By speaking directly to these aspects of what you do, you can help your ideal clients understand the problem, what you do, how you help, the value of what you offer, and the transformation. When approaching this, you can either speak to the people that KNOW they have the problem or those that may not be at that stage yet. Choose what feels best to you and is in alignment with who you want to serve. Consider what is easiest for you and what comes the most natural to you when talking about your business. 


When you nail this messaging and market awareness down, it becomes so clear and makes people WANT to buy from you. In Charlotte’s case, this was a huge pivot point for her, especially since women are emotional buyers and they buy through storytelling and feeling, so by clarifying what she does and the transformation she provides, she overcame that block of being too niche specific. 


Once you get your mission statement down, make sure to simplify your bio and make your messaging clear in all the places that you show up online. Be really crystal clear and simple on what it is and who it is that you help. Then, when you start making content, look at that simplified and clear mission statement as your guiding light and north start for EVERYTHING you create. 


Sell the Results, Not the How

No matter how niche something is, you don’t have to slap a label on it if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, you’re going to help people become more confident and they’re going to give you money, and that’s all that matters. 


Instead of selling the how, focus on selling the results. Truly, nobody cares about the how, they just want to know what results they’re going to get. By focusing on that, you can put your energy into serving people and making more money in your business. And while making money is obviously the goal, making money means you’ve helped more people. 


How To Improve Your Relationship With Money

Many entrepreneurs like Charlotte struggle with the money mindset of constantly hustling out of fear of being broke and not having enough money to feel safe and secure. 


In order to improve your relationship with money, you have to work on your money mindset, but also get your body on board. You have to help your nervous system feel more comfortable and safe with money, and this takes time and intentional work, which is a big focus in our Conscious Creators community


A really powerful money mindset exercise is brain dumping all of your money beliefs on a piece of paper. Once you get them out, flip the beliefs and say them out loud. As you do this, you help your mind get away from the old thoughts and beliefs you’ve stored for so long and start to get your nervous system on board with a new way of thinking about money. 


Investing In Your Business 

When it comes to investing in your business, many business owners struggle with this at the beginning of their journey. However, what they really need the most in those beginning stages is the resources and community that comes in a collaborative space such as Conscious Creators. That’s why we’ve changed the price point to $22 a month, to make it more accessible for beginning business owners. It’s truly a no-brainer. 


Don’t let past investments ruin your future and impact your growth moving forward, because then you start making decisions from the past, which is just affirming the belief that it didn't work. Give yourself more chances to work with more people and find what feels right. With this awareness, you can make new empowered decisions from the present moment of what you want to invest in.


Overcoming The Scarcity Mindset and Tracking Abundance

Remember, you do have more than enough money available to you. Your mind is what likes to tell you otherwise, then you default back to a scarcity mindset. Money mindset work is a real thing and it takes time. Instead of focusing just on money, focus on tracking abundance in all areas of your life and business. You have to celebrate every single win and moment of abundance. 


By tracking your abundance, you can hack your brain to start looking for ways to prove that you are in overflow and that you do have more than enough, rather than searching for the lack, because our brains are wired for negativity. That negativity bias makes us search for what's unsafe, because that's how our brains are programmed. If we don't override that, then we will perceive that we don't have enough, but really, there’s abundance all around us. Abundance is actually a choice.


I hope these insights from my coaching call with Charlotte help you discover how to find your unique angle without overcomplicating your niche. If you’re ready to keep it simple, lean into abundance, and celebrate all of the wins in life and business alongside a kickass community of women, join us inside of Conscious Creators and let’s celebrate the fuck out of some shit together!


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