What if I told you that building a wildly successful online business and personal brand could be fun, empowering and simple as fuck. Would you think to yourself, "yeah, sure, easy for you to say"?

Between the “experts” on social media telling you to post 3 reels a day...

And people promoting overly complicated funnels and paid ads...

What you ACTUALLY need is for someone to give you a simple AF roadmap and the basic, but proven foundations to building a wildly successful online business

And... even more important, you want to be reminded of your worth, your power and learn how to become your boldest, most unapologetic, confident self online (and offline)

You want someone to walk alongside you on this journey, showing you the step-by-step blueprint to becoming your most empowered self while creating a freedom-based business that allows you to travel, help people with your gifts and get paid to do it.

You want someone who's done exactly what you wanna do and gives it to you straight, without the fluff or bullshit.

And you want to be surrounded by other ambitious, supportivepowerhouse women building their online businesses...

without having imposter syndrome, self doubt, fear or overwhelm holding you back.

Conscious Creators has got you.

Be surrounded by like-minded ambitious women, reclaim your most unapologetic feminine expression and receive the roadmap to creating a wildly successful business and a stand out personal brand online in 2023.


Take a moment and go on a journey with me..

It’s June 1st, 2024…

You’re looking back on the year, IN AWE of what you created

Your life?

Your relationships?

Your business and social media platforms and bank account?

Your confidence?

You are no longer bogged down by overwhelm, imposter syndrome or the fear of being seen. You have claimed your power and voice. You are putting yourself out there. You are taking bold action to share your gifts and message with the people who need it most.

All of the overwhelm, self-doubt, people pleasing, procrastination and insecurity that you used to feel...

Is MUTED by the empowering cheerleading squad voices inside of your head... plus your new business besties who are reminding you of your power.


It can be your reality.

Feel too good to be true?


Unapologetic confidence to show up online, creating a wildly successful freedom-filled business and the luxury to do work from wherever you want don't have to be on your vision board anymore! 

It would be my HONOR to show you the way.

Imagine it for a Moment...

  • Waking up and starting the day feeling well rested, fulfilled and in alignment, knowing there are no limits to your creative potential and ability to make money with your passions
  • You are landing more clients, your audience is growing and you end the day feeling lit the fuck up by your life.
  • You're surrounded by a badass group of powerhouse female entrepreneurs, also on a mission to help people and make money doing what they love
  • You are so proud of who you've become and the life and business you've created

Welcome!! I'm Sam.

If you don't know me already, I'm a van lifer, creator, coach, multipassionate (and ADHD) entrepreneur and CEO of Balance with Sam, a multiple 6 figure coaching business empowering women to become their most confident, unapologetic self, turn their passions into their paychecks and make lots of money doing what they love.

But, I wasn't always a successful entrepreneur ;) After finishing my grad degree in Architecture with $160,000 of student loans, I started my 9-5 cause that's what I thought I was supposed to do. I worked for a design firm for 3 years before I realized that living paycheck to paycheck wasn't it and that my soul was craving something more.

What I wanted: to help people, make money, live FREELY and travel the world.

After deciding to start sharing my fitness journey publicly on Instagram, I ended up building a community of over 60,000 humans and launched my coaching business, Balance with Sam. Fast forward to today, we have impacted over 1,000 women in their journey and are en route to becoming a 7 figure brand!! 

The "HOW" behind it all: I believed in myself, took messy action and built an authentic personal brand. One where people trusted me, knew me, and liked me!

Conscious Creators was born after realizing the movement I had created and now it's my passion to teach YOU how to believe in yourself, show up online unapologetically, build a wildly success online business and make great money doing what you love!


Where powerhouse women come together to become their most confident selves while create personal brands and wildly successful online businesses.


When you join us, you receive ...

2 Live Coaching Calls Each Month for Community, Support and Q+A with Sam (60-90 mins)


With most memberships, when you join... you feel alone and overwhelmed with the content, not knowing where to start. Not Conscious Creators. It is based around the LIVE COMMUNITY and CONNECTION for DIRECT feedback (which most people need at the start of their journey).

We meet on the NEW + FULL MOONS, making the energy extremely powerful!!

Conscious Creator's core value is providing a welcoming and supportive community for high achieving women building their online businesses and the vibes are fucking high!! Everyone here truly wants you to win.

Join the calls for DIRECT support and Q+A with Sam, plus receive a ton of value just by listening to other women's questions, at a fraction of the price for traditional business coaching!

VALUED AT $5,555

A Vault of Binge-Worthy Trainings on Mindset, Confidence and Building Your Stand Out Personal Brand & Successful Online Biz


No bullshit, no fluff trainings for you and you can listen to these anytime, anywhere, on your walks or car rides. THESE ARE EASILY IMPLEMENTABLE (especially if you are ADHD and need the step-by-step how to so you don't get overwhelmed).

Learn everything you need to become a woman who 1) feels worthy of success and receiving money 2) knows she's capable of doing the damn thing and 3) is building a successful online business! Trainings inside on: self worth, self confidence, being seen online, overcoming imposter syndrome, how to make sales, attracting soulmate clients, social media, starting/setting up a highly ranked podcast, starting a youtube channel, CEO mindset, self expression, unlocking your voice, setting up your life/biz for ultimate freedom.

You'll also get homework to implement right away in your life and business. Sam values getting you REAL results.

VALUED AT $5,555


Plug into this high vibe vortex of ambitious women anytime you need a pick-me-up or simply want to share your wins (something you can expect to do much more often entering Sam's world!) You'll have spaces to ask for support, be vulnerable and celebrate yourself and the other badasses inside. It's truly the most empowering space on the internet and you will be SO PROUD of you create by being in Sam's energy and the energy the group.

VALUED AT $2,222


When you sign up today, you are in FOR LIFE. You will receive lifetime access to the content, the community, the coaching calls AND a generous *MEMBER'S ONLY* discount for all future retreats and programs!


Are you ready to receive the blueprint to building a wildly successful freedom-based online business?


What about being surrounded by a hype squad of other ambitious women creating their dream lives and businesses?


 What the Women Inside are Already Celebrating

Join Conscious Creators today and get INSTANT access to the content, coaching + community for a fraction of the usual price. PLUS over $4,444 in bonus value when you dive in today!!


Join today for only $2,222 or 6 monthly payments of $399.




receive a FREE 30 min call w/ Sam valued at $555 when you pay in full






Your Questions Answered


Developing your personal brand is key to monetizing your passion online.”


- Gary Vee