Hi, I'm Sam

a high achieving, multi-passionate entrepreneur (and your new BFF). I’m so grateful that you’ve arrived at the doorstep of my internet home :)

I’ve built my dream life helping high achieving women get out of their own way and step into their most empowered, confident and fearless self. 

But, before this, I wasn’t always confident and happy. I spent years with low self confidence, people pleasing, perfectionism, binge eating, and living to make everyone else happy. I knew I wasn’t living to my fullest potential. So, I decided to leave my steady job and began my journey of empowering other high achieving women to do the same. Now, I have helped more than 1,000 women on their journey to self love, happiness and confidence.. while building lives and businesses of freedom.

I want to share a snapshot of my journey with you so you can see that what you dream of is possible to create, and I’m here to help you do that.


I hit my rock bottom,

right after finishing grad school and starting my 9-5 as an architect. The demand of the industry took its toll on me. On the outside I was great, but on the inside I was exhausted 24/7, felt like I was just going through the motions and was burnt out from overworking, while silently suffering from depression and high functioning chronic anxiety. I was eating my feelings and using alcohol to soothe myself after long days of work. I was ashamed of myself, hated my body and was trapped in a vicious cycle of binge eating.


I promised myself I would do whatever it took to be happy, healthy, fit, confident & live a life without regrets.

I kept that promise to myself. I lost 30lbs of excess weight and learned how to eat and move my body in a nourishing way. I got my mind right. Then, in 2016 I followed my heart and left my 9-5 to pursue my dream of helping transform others in the same way.

From personal trainer, to nutrition coach, to empowerment and business mentor, fast forward to today, I run a multi-six figure business. I host a top podcast and most recently, I'm a full time van-lifer. Best of all, I’m completely obsessed with helping women like you create a life and business on your terms.

 Life is meant to be lived, not feared. Your glow up awaits you :)

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