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Hailey C.  /  age 23

I initially joined Sam’s 8 week Kickstart program back in October 2016. All I knew was that I wanted to make some lifestyle changes and I needed help to do that. Sam was great, very eager to help and informative. She provided me with a lot of valuable information regarding diet, as well as a very detailed work out plan. Going to the gym daily and using free weights was slightly out of my comfort zone until I accepted this challenge. I ended up really enjoying my time spent at the gym, and now feel comfortable going every day and even lifting in the free weight zone otherwise maybe known as the ‘buff guys only zone’, or known as ‘where I never would have stepped foot in before’.

I did not see amazing results after the eight weeks, but I felt stronger, and I felt more knowledgeable, and I felt more committed to my lifestyle changes, which made me want to keep going. Her eight week challenge sparked a change in my overall mentality that has continued over these past 8 months. I actually just realized it has been 8 months since I really committed to working out frequently and paying attention to what I was eating, and I’m surprised. It sounds like a long time, but it now just feels routine. Over these past 8 months, my endurance has greatly increased, I feel healthy and strong and overall happy. The number on the scale hasn’t changed a whole lot, but I feel different; I feel skinnier and can feel muscle instead of fat when I pinch my body, my clothes have been fitting better, and I feel more confident in the way I look. I understand that it’s always a long road to get to that end goal, but I have only accepted my small advances along the way and have not allowed myself to give up when things still seem impossible.

I think the most important thing that I have gained over these past 8 months from Sam is the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle and the encouragement along the way from her to keep progressing. Admittedly, the diet part has been a much bigger struggle for me than exercise. It took me a while to fully understand how eating clean is very important because it really works hand in hand with working out as a fuel for your body, but also understanding that you can still treat yourself occasionally. In other words I realized eating clean isn’t that hard if you plan properly, and actually tastes good and fills you up and that eating pizza every now and then isn’t a crime! Sam was always there to answer my million questions about what I should be eating or how much and always giving recipes or suggestions or even views into her daily life. I have really looked up to her these past eight months; she is an amazing trainer and friend and above all, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that extra push in their life, much like I was 8 months ago.


Aurora B.   /  age 22

I was in a horrific car accident in January, of 2016. I had to start at the beginning again. Being only 21 at the time, I lost a lot of myself in that accident. Mentally exhausted, I had no drive to do anything. Especially when it came to physical activities.

It is June 1st, 2017. I just left Boston Sports Club in Davis Square, saying thank you to Sam Altieri, a personal trainer. I had just deadlifted my own bodyweight (100lbs.). I remember June 1st, 2016. I went to a movie with a friend. She had to pull her car up to the curb outside of the theatre, put the hazards on, and quickly shuffle to the other side to help me get out of the car, remembering to grab my cane.

Back to present day: I walked half a mile to the gym, and then did 60 minutes of weight training with Sam, and walked half a mile back, holding two full bags of groceries. I drink a protein smoothie, shower, and sit down to type a testimonial. A year ago, I struggled to get out of bed to go the movies; today, I am strong, I am proud, I am hopeful, I am blessed. Sam pushed me to be a better person. I can’t even fully explain how much I appreciate it.

After laying in a hospital bed for 5 months, with minimal range of motion, I was at my heaviest weight (June 1, 2016 - 127 lbs.). I didn’t feel strong or beautiful. I wore a lot of baggy clothes, turning the lights off before bed so I didn’t have to see myself in the mirror. Today I am proud of my toned legs, walking all around town, holding a third of my weight in my hands. 3.2 miles to be exact. Before I met Sam, I would get groceries delivered to my home. I could barely walk to the closest convenience store, let alone lug groceries back home, up two flights of stairs. Everything that Sam has taught/demonstrated/explained to me in the gym has directly applied in everything I do outside of the gym. I have learned proper techniques to aid my overall well-being. I eat well balanced meals, sleep 8 hours a night, exercise every other day, focusing on cardiovascular as well as weight training. I have gone down from a size 4/6 to a size 0/2. I just got rid of all of my one piece bathing suits, and ordered to 2 bikinis. Sam Altieri gave me support, guidance, opportunity, confidence, strength and friendship.  - Aurora Burgos (present: June 1st, 2017- 117 lbs.)


Jeff S.   /  age 36

Working with Sam is a great experience!  From day one she listened to my needs and has delivered.  Not only is she attentive to my specific fitness goals but she is flexible with my, at times, very difficult schedule. She sends out fitness programs right to my phone designed for the type of routines planned that week as well as recipes and nutrition suggestions.  She is often available to answer questions and is very responsive. I've been working with Sam for almost 6 months and by sticking to a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle that incorporates fitness as a priority, I have lost weight (21 lbs so far!), gained muscle, improved endurance and flexibility. When you meet your goals and start see yourself transforming positively it is easy to get addicted to results and stick with it.  Most of all Sam is fun to work with!  She is a positive person. This is really important because inevitably there are days when you need a little extra motivation to get in a good workout.  If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer I highly recommend you connect with Sam.

Erin K.   /  age 34

I've been working with Sam for several months now, and she's been a fantastic coach, trainer, and cheerleader. She's given me great workouts and plans, solid advice on nutrition and how to approach my exercises, and very detailed information on the "why" behind these plans. And it's working - I'm getting stronger, building muscle, and getting more definition! 

I also want to note that while I'm a big gym enthusiast, I'm also someone who has to work some long hours, loves chocolate and wine, and needs to travel once in a while - all things that can, and do, get in the way of sticking to a strict schedule. Instead of scolding or shaming me, Sam fully recognizes that life happens and there is joy in caloric foods, so I never have to worry about feeling bad about being human. She just highlights the 80/20 rule and then cheers me on as I head back to the gym, which really helps motivate me to keep making healthy choices when I can."

Ericka S.   /  age 44

12 years ago, I was surprised when I had gained 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I couldn't figure out where the weight had come from. I thought I was eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and I was exercising 6 days a week. I contacted and met a nutritionist who diagnosed me with celiac and found out my body was in hiatus after eating gluten for so many years and not knowing I had a problem with it. After years of controlling my diet, setting personal exercise goals for myself and working with trainers and nutritionists, Ive gone from being the heaviest I had ever been to the lightest Ive ever been. I am thankful and grateful for the people in my life who have helped me get to where I am today. I don't always see the change in myself, but I know my body can feel the difference with the change in the last 12 years.

I started working with Sam in January, 2017. I had recently gone through some health issues, and was feeling weak and frail. In January, I was given the ok to start working out again. I needed some guidance on what I could and couldn't do. I have loved working with Sam. She has given me the proper guidance of showing me what I should be doing during my workouts. I love outdoor sports, but don't particularly care for weights and gym activities. Sam has continuously showed me how important weightlifting is for gaining strength. I love that she pushes me to do things that I normally wouldn't do on my own. I am grateful to her for helping me regain my physical strength. She has a positive outlook on things, and has the ability to push people beyond what they 'think' they are capable of doing. I am excited to continue to work with Sam. I am thankful that she is willing to continue to work with me to reach my physical goals. 


Alex M.   /  age 36

As someone who actively didn't like going to the gym and being surrounded by gym people, I was very apprehensive about committing to training with a trainer. Sam is super fun, easy to chat with, and super knowledgeable. I have a legitimately good time in our sessions. She's allowed me to feel comfortable going to the gym and I now have a good routine. In addition, through our months together, I've noticed significant increases in my strength, reduction in fat, and just a general better feeling. Thanks Sam!


Jess P.   /   age 28

I have been working with Sam for four months now and honestly it feels more like playing!!! I started working on my own years ago, but had to stop because of a foot injury. During that time I got really depressed and pretty much ate whatever and wasn’t active. Once I felt I was healed enough, I joined BSC. Running didn’t help my foot much. I only ever knew and did cardio workouts. Although I felt ok, I never saw only substantial results. That is when I decided to use my free fitness evaluation session with Sam. When I met her she was so positive and super relatable. We started with some deadlifting—which I have never done before. I instantly felt like a badass. We instantly connected so I decided to train with her. I keep getting stronger with every session. Sure I lost some weight, but I also look and feel sexy! Our sessions are fun , and Sam pushes me further than I thought possible. As I write this I am still sore from a session the day before—where I so happened to complete personal records for deadlifting and squats.


Martha S.   /   age 28

Working with Sam has been a complete game-changer in my life. In 2011, I started having severe food allergies and sensitivities which forced me to be picky with my good. I made a lifestyle change in 2013, which included exercise 3 times a week and better eating habits. Over 3 years, I increased my workout schedule to 6-7 days a week of lifting, but was completely clueless on what to eat which equaled to questioning every bite that went into my mouth. This resulted in stress, moodiness, fatigue, and plateauing in my physique goals. 

Since November 2016, Sam has held my hand while helping me increase my calories from 1200 to 1840. Throughout this process, Sam has been patient, kind, and diligent in her work. With Sam, I have found a love and appreciation for this lifestyle of nourishing your body, working it hard, and balancing life all together. I couldn't do any of this without her!

Vero V.   /   age 35

Having never participated in online training, I was unsure of what to expect. When I first spoke with Sam I was running an hour a day, every day. I was addicted to cardio and seeing no results. Sam assured me that with strength training and mandatory rest days, I would begin not only seeing physical results, but my mental well-being would benefit from it as well. Cardio was my security blanket and after just a handful of months with Sam, I no longer feel like I need it. Sam was a joy to work with. She was patient, knowledgeable, and kind. Also, her response time was fast and she assured me I could go to her whenever I had questions or any concerns with the program. If I needed an adjustment in my workout schedule, she was always very accommodating and made sure to update my profile in the Trainerize app. Overall, my time was positive and worthwhile and I would recommend her to friends and family interested in making a change. Thank you, Sam!

Lori M.   /  age 36

I'm a thirty-five year old female, with a job that can easily hit twelve hour days. I have very little personal time and have always struggled with scheduling time for meal prep or daily workouts. I've done boot camp classes, weight watchers, fasting diets, cardio workouts - yet nothing has re-set my lifestyle in the 'big picture' way I have been looking for. Sam's teachings, program, and overall gentle encouragement have presented a more realistic goal for me - *gradual* lifestyle change. I haven't experienced any dramatic shifts in weight loss, I don't have stunning before/after photos (yet). But Sam has armed me with the patience - and the facts - to help me realize that focusing on those things does not necessarily constitute a healthy mindset.

What I DO have, finally, is a confidence and an education as to what I'm doing to my body. I have a CONTROL over my body in a way I've never experienced before. I see small changes, important changes! - and now, I KNOW exactly what to do to see MORE change. That, to me, is mind-blowing. That, to me, is the most powerful tool I could've asked for - CONTROL. Knowledge. And constantly having Sam's expertise available so I can adjust her workouts or eating suggestions in ways that will still help me achieve my goals, but also fit within my personal situations. Since working with Sam, I've seen muscle definition and endurance build in significant ways. I ran my first 4 mile race where I actually kept up with seasoned runners. I'm lifting weights, pushing myself, and enjoying it - rather than hating every second of my workout. My body is changing, slowly but surely, and it feels GREAT. Sam is your champion. :)