Learn how to lose 5-10lbs from a healthy place without restriction, dieting, or eliminating your favorite foods.


I'm sharing a 5-day series

on exactly how to lose 10lbs of excess weight from a place of self LOVE, not hate or restriction. 


I'm giving you my top 5 strategies on how to go from frustrated in your body and stuck in the vicious cycle of dieting to feeling in control with food, comfortable in your body, and finally able to lose the excess weight that’s been holding you back from the life you want.

Let's do this!

What Queens Are Saying...

“I am so much more confident, more willing to ask for what I want, knowing my worth.”

"It’s been so nice, just not caring what others think about what I do, it’s so freeing!!"

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Meet Your Coach

Sam Altieri is a psychology-based nutrition and life coach whose passion lies in empowering high-achieving women to heal their relationship with food and their body. She believes that when you feel confident in your body and at peace in your mind, your potential is endless and you will manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

She is a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and expert on food, the mind, the body, and helps women heal their body image and food issues from the root, instead of using dieting and restricting calories as a bandaid solution.

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