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About Sam

Sam Altieri is a Psychic Channel, Business Mentor and Wealth Activator. She hosts a top charted podcast and identity shifting international retreats. Her biggest passion is WAKING WOMEN UP to their power, potential and unapologetic expression [aka, reminding you who the f*ck you are and activating your next levels of wealth, confidence, freedom and expansion].

Her story begins with suicidal thoughts, low self-worth, depression and an unfulfilled 9-5 job. After trusting her gut, leaving behind her "conventional life" and going full send on her passions, she's created over 7 figures in her business supporting spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. 

She's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs activate their voice, next level identity and bring their big ass visions to life.

She's currently traveling the US in her converted sprinter van with her fiance and dog, inspiring women to just... GO FOR IT.