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Empowering women with the tools to build confidence and a life of freedom and fulfillment.

My Love Letter To You

Your tough love BFF for mindset, empowerment and creating your dream life, body and business.

I teach women all over the world how to rewire their subconscious mind, build healthy habits, and live a life of fulfillment and freedom.

At 25 years old, I turned down an offer of a lifetime, quit my 9-5 in architecture and decided to pursue freelance design + photography.

Since then I’ve traveled all over the world, become a certified personal trainer and life coach and built a multiple six-figure online business.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned how to make my mind work for me and now I want to share those tools with you!

Are you ready to start creating the life and business you *really* want? I’ll be your cheerleader and guide with a healthy dose of tough love to make sure you get there.

More of My Story

Unapologetic Mastermind


For the women who wants to stop thinking and start DOIN THE DAMN THING. Create a life full of financial, time and location freedom alongside other badass heart-led women.

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1:1 Private Mentorship


The highest level of accountability and support - we will cover healing, wealth, leadership, business and relationships.

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Client Love

“I used to be a zombie on autopilot. Now I know I create the rules!!! I am so empowered to stand up for myself, to wear what makes me feel confident and do things that make me happy."

“This has been life-changing. I came to Sam because I wanted to get consistent and hated my body. And that was the surface of what ended up happening. So much has changed. I have so many tools to know that I can get through things in life without pills, alcohol and substances. I believe in myself. I can work through hard shit. I have the answers."

“I really can’t believe how much I’ve changed in such a short amount of time! My overall confidence is through the roof!! That is priceless. It’s so amazing. I wish everyone could feel like this!”

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The Sam Altieri Show is a place where I get real with you, and more intimately share my experiences in hopes they inspire you. I share my top tools, mentors and the mindset I’ve used to transform my own body and create my dream life.



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