Caitlin F.

Rewind to approximately 8 months ago… I have always had a background in fitness. This began when I was a little girl, participating in dance classes and ultimately focusing on soccer, basketball, and track & field in high school. Playing sports throughout every month of the year kept me fairly lean, which is my natural body type: long and lanky! However, when I was 16 years old, I found myself feeling insecure in my own body. At that point in time, I had minimal body fat, but when I looked in the mirror I found myself obsessing over every “bulge” I could see – real or imagined. The next 8 to 10 years of my life were largely consumed by my obsessive and toxic behaviors: binging and purging foods I had labeled to be “bad” or “unhealthy.”

In the times I was not binging and purging, I was restricting myself from enjoying the foods I loved since I was unable to eat them in moderation and feared losing control in a binge. These behaviors continued throughout my undergraduate studies in college, even though I played soccer year-round as a Division III athlete. My issues with anxiety and disordered eating actually held me back from enjoying any social gatherings involving food with my friends and teammates. I found myself battling negative internal dialogue, worrying that one slice of pizza would derail my mental and physical stability. Ironically, because of this seemingly never-ending cycle, I began gaining weight and developed a bloated, puffy face. An ex-boyfriend broke up with me for developing a little “belly fat.” I hid these behaviors from my friends and family for years. I felt trapped and alone. I dreaded waking up each morning and struggling through every meal.

Fast-forward to approximately 5 years ago… I began dating my now-husband, Mike! I realized that I needed to look inward and become secure in my own personal happiness before I could fully invest myself in a healthy relationship. I began focusing more on my diet and learning how to exercise to reduce my feelings of anxiety! It was difficult finding workouts that made me feel content, since in the past I was accustomed to conditioning practices and running through participating in sports. I began running on the treadmill, but that became boring and aggravated my knees. Lifting sessions in general were few and far in between with a lack of consistency.

Once I began graduate school for Optometry, I was hired for a work study position at the school gym. I was able to attend a variety of classes for free, which exposed me to numerous HIIT, weightlifting, cycling, boxing, Tabata, Zumba, yoga, and Pilates classes! I was so blessed to have the opportunity to “test-drive” so many different modes of exercise that kept me entertained and excited to attend. I gravitated towards weightlifting, and one of the trainers began working with me and creating personalized workouts, which I loved! Despite this, I don’t think it was the perfect program for me, and I found myself losing motivation again every several weeks. I was definitely in a much better place, mentally, however… I was eating mostly whole foods and salads. I slowly learned how to incorporate some “fun” foods back into my diet, although in times of stress I rarely found myself slipping into a binge and purge.

In 2017 I was finally DONE moving around the country for school rotations and had a consistent work schedule, I was looking for a sustainable diet and exercise program. I went through cycles of searching for the right workout routine. I’ve tried Orange Theory Fitness, online workouts, Kayla Itsines, and weightlifting circuits I created for myself. I would enjoy these schedules for approximately 3 months before lack of motivation or boredom reintroduced itself. I invested excessive amounts of money and time into supplements that I thought would solve all my problems. I ran a half marathon. I was all over the place! What I really needed was GUIDANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

I began following Sam on social media and immediately loved her posts. I knew her from high school, and I loved how relatable and raw her posts were. They taught me about nutrition, fat loss, muscle growth, and so much more! I contacted her, and we discussed my overall goals: building muscle, mild fat loss, and getting stronger! I have never felt more educated about fitness and nutrition in my entire life.

Sam’s workouts and coaching style are perfect for me. I have a crazy schedule and I like to exercise when I find time (which can be spontaneous), so online training is magnificent. Although I do consider myself a cardio queen, since in the past I would run MILES AND MILES to the point of exhaustion, I realized I could change my body composition more easily through weightlifting and minimal cardio! I was nervous to wean myself off of cardio, so to speak, but I trusted the process, and I have never been happier. Within 1 to 2 months, I immediately noticed results. I felt more muscular, and my strength in the gym was increasing. My clothes were fitting better. Want to know the funniest part? My weight has STAYED THE SAME throughout this entire journey. Sam asked me to weigh myself every day – something that was terrifying for me. I learned to overcome my fear of the scale and use it as a piece of data. My weight has not changed, and on days when my weight fluctuates upwards, I know it is likely due to a heavy lift or salty meal from the night before. I am no longer anxious to eat foods like pizza and hamburgers, which I can eat in moderation now with complete control. I can’t even remember the last time I even THOUGHT of resorting to binging and purging, a curse I once believed would haunt me forever.

I have never been able to confidently squat, deadlift, or bench. I was actually terrified of benching and always avoided it in the past because it made me uncomfortable… and this past month, I was able to deadlift over 200 pounds, squat heavier weight with proper form, and bench over 100 pounds! In addition, I abhorred pull-ups/chin-ups in the past because I could never do a single repetition. As a third grade student, I distinctly recall participating in the Presidential Fitness Test. I passed each event with ease, but I could not do one single pull-up, which prevented me from achieving the highest level of honors. Two months ago, I did not one—but several—chin-ups! This has been almost a life-long goal for me, since I have a petite upper body and consider myself to be “bottom-heavy.”

I am so impressed with MYSELF for being consistent these past 7 months. I have been completing four to six workouts per week for 7 months. I have slowly increased my daily caloric intake to promote muscle growth. I am eating 1g of protein per pound of body weight almost daily to achieve my aesthetic and strength goals. I have never been this consistent in my entire life, and I never thought this was possible for me. I should be feeling like I have unlocked the key to ultimate happiness, right? I thought so, until just last month, I realized that something was missing in my life. I thought that getting to this point would automatically grant me pure happiness. I tried to express these feelings to Sam, who has in a way become my fitness therapist (haha!), and she identified with my lack of motivation. I was feeling burnt out and struggling with self-sabotage. I was over-indulging on nights out with friends and cramming my workouts in without taking rest days for self care.

Mental health is not always in the forefront of our minds, especially when considering fitness goals. It is common to have the mentality that if we lose that extra 5 pounds of weight or run a marathon that we will be truly happy. It’s not the case. Sam indirectly taught me that self care is of the utmost importance. Taking time for ourselves through meditation, prayer, and relaxation can be that so- called missing piece along the journey towards self-fulfillment. Sam adjusted my schedule to remove one day of lifting and include strength and flexibility yoga, which is aiding my muscle recovery and mental relaxation. At her recommendation, I have started to journal, which has been life-changing. I was not sure where to start when I first touched my pen to the paper, and then the words seemed to flow. I am able to cleanse my mind and soul of negative thoughts, damaged memories, and past regrets so that I can move on with my life and be satisfied living in the present.

These past 7 months have not only been about my little muscles growing, although I do love them and am looking forward to bikini season (did I really just say that for the first time ever??)! That is only what composes my outer shell (and it is exactly that –a shell)without the progress that comes from within. I started this fitness journey many years ago, but I’ve learned that this isn’t just a fitness journey. This is my health and wellness journey. This is my happiness journey. This is my life! I want to be the best, multifaceted me that I can be! For once I am looking forward to the future and the evolution of Caitlin. Thank you, Sam! Love you! xoxo

Kristen C.

About a year ago, I contacted Sam about her online training. I didn't know what to expect or if it was something that would help or work for me. Sam talked to me on the phone and kept in touch with me for a few weeks while I considered the next step. After the conversations we had about nutrition and exercise, I decided to take a leap of faith and told Sam, "let's do it!" with all the fear in my heart, cause I was starting the very next day. I hated it at the time, but I'm really glad that she had me take my first day photos and measurements, along with a list of my goals. Back then, I had a horrible messed up relationship with food. I had so much negative self-talk every time I had something that wasn't a lean meat or vegetable, I felt like crap for hours. I judged myself constantly about what I ate and also how I looked. Every time I looked in a mirror, I would put myself down and look at all the things I didn't like. (This happened at least 20 times a day.) I worked out 6 days a week, felt tired all the time, and wasn't seeing results. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I told Sam I don't do well going to a gym because I just won't go and she told me that was ok. I also told her my ideal weight and pant size and that I wanted to be healthy and strong.

A year later, Sam has changed my life. She is incredibly supportive and motivating. She is patient and helpful. She is very encouraging, fun and funny, all wrapped into one. Through all of my struggles, she has been there the entire time. Through this last year of working with Sam, she has told me over and over that progress will be slow, but that it's a good thing. Weight that comes off slow will stay off and scale weight isn't everything. I was told to put on my patience pants and be the turtle (slow and steady wins the race!). So I did...

I have lost fat and gained major muscle. I am more confident and comfortable in my skin. I have a much better relationship with food and I eat things I used to avoid without any guilt. I constantly make a plan and stick to it (this is key!). I no longer have a weight goal or pant size goal, but rather performance goals in the home gym I've created. My body has changed dramatically and I now look in the mirror and see what I do like about my appearance (I love my triceps!). My focus has changed from "being a certain size" to not limiting myself to what I can do. I feel healthy. I feel strong. I'm thirsty for more!

The biggest thing that Sam has helped me with is my mindset. I have done a complete shift in thinking, in the best way possible. I now know that this is a lifetime thing. I know that I can enjoy life and all the little ups and downs that come with it. Finding a balance with food and exercise that allows me to strive towards my goals and also not feel deprived is huge! I'm not perfect, my life isn't perfect, so flexibility (aka balance) is important. My workouts are part of my life now and even though they can be challenging and I curse Sam's name (she said she doesn't mind), I feel good every time I'm done. I am enjoying my journey and finding new goals all the time to challenge myself. Sam has helped me create healthy habits and a healthy mindset which has changed my life. She is amazing!!

Marlee S.

For those of you who don't know Sam, you are missing out! She is the sunshine that lights up anything and everything she does. I got introduced to Sam by a family friend and instantly felt a connection with her (it sounds like I am writing a love story!) She is very through in her work, takes time to understand her clients needs and wants, holds people accountable, and most importantly is very relatable.

When I met Sam I was in a very bad place mentally and physically. I was not able to help myself and Sam really allowed me to use her as a resource and accountability buddy during our time that we worked together. The financial investment was worth every penny. During my 6-7 months working with Sam I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start holding myself accountable to eating clean, staying on track, or getting back on track when I choose to eat something less nutritious (as Sam would say, there is no such thing as a cheat meal.... it is either more or less nutritious).

I know my time working with Sam has not come to an end, rather a short break <3

Maria S.


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”-Joseph Campbell I first met Sam at BSC a few years ago, when my trainer at the time introduced us. Immediately, I thought, dang this chick is so cool! She was so warm, bright, encouraging- and this was just from passing by each other at the gym! I started following her on IG and did her mini challenges, each time feeling stronger and more empowered. I was inspired by her story and felt like we had similar pasts. It wasn’t until January 2019 that I fully jumped in to work with Sam directly and it has been life changing.

Until working with Sam, I thought my story was written. I had worked with nutritionists previously, lost weight but not feeling much different. I have always enjoyed working out but I was mostly doing cardio to train for triathlons, half marathons, etc, with an occasional lifting/HIIT class. I used MyFitnessPal diligently, worked out whenever I could, but nothing changed. When I first signed up with Sam, I thought to myself, ok this is going to work this time, I will lose weight and then I can look good, be happy, carry on with a fulfilling life. However, my expectation of what I would gain from Sam’s coaching quickly shifted and it made all the difference.

Sam helped me realize and understand my poor relationship with food. We dug into my “why,” where these feelings came from, how they’ve manifested, and how to break it down. I used to have an “all or nothing” mindset and I was sabotaging myself without even knowing. I also had such guilt about treating myself to a donut, wine, pizza, etc. I would have one of these treats, feel guilty, then say screw it and eat crap the rest of the day. I wasn’t fully giving myself permission to enjoy the food. Sam guided me to understand this self-sabotaging habit and it’s such a game changer. Now, I look forward to meal planning my whole week, including treats, without guilt. It’s a fun game to rotate recipes, knowing I am setting myself up for success and feeding my body wholesome, healthful foods, of course with the occasional donut, guilt free!

Most importantly, Sam awakened my self-worth and my sense of belonging to myself. I always compared myself to others and it was paralyzing. I would think: if only I was as skinny as her, as fit as her, if I wore more makeup, if I just weighed less, on and on. Now, I am showing up for myself, not anyone else. I am good enough. I accept myself, every freckle, tattoo, every piece of frizzy hair, every spot of cellulite, because I am strong and capable. So I don’t quite fit in with what society might say is normal, but I fit in with myself, I belong to myself and that is what I have embraced.

In all honesty, I have not lost a ton of weight, I do not have a perky J.Lo booty, I do not have flat abs after these 8 months of Sam’s coaching. And you know what? That is perfectly OKAY by me!! What I have gained mentally is far more valuable to me and I never thought I would say that months ago. Sam has awakened so much inside which has helped me make leaps and bounds mentally, and in turn, physically. The scale used to give me so much anxiety, I would get hung up on the number, how it used to be lower, etc. Now, I am focused on body measurements, how clothes fit, and progress photos. For example, as a nurse, my scrubs fit better than a year ago, and trust me, scrubs don’t fit well on anyone, so to feel better in them is saying a lot! With photos, I notice small changes like more toned arms, smaller butt, and stronger back. I am more confident in the gym, lifting heavier than before, feeling like a badass. It is so rewarding to embrace my mental and physical progress, being patient, and accepting this is a work in progress. My story has been re-written and I have Sam to thank for helping me. I cannot thank Sam enough for sharing her super power with me and I can’t wait to see her share it with you and the world!!

“When I stopped being prisoner to others’ opinions of me, I became more confident and free”- Lucille Ball

Colleen M.

November and December of 2018 were the worst two months I ever had with my digestive issues. I gained 13 pounds very quickly. I was very uncomfortable physically and mentally. As a former trainer, diet was something i always struggled with. So that mixed with gaining weight, I was so fed up. Fed up with this continuous cycle if losing, gaining, losing, gaining. I vowed that 2019 was the year of the coach. Then that's when all the magic happened.

I stumbled upon Sam in my explore page. I connected with her right away. I loved how genuine, bubbly and open she was. Her body was real and she is strong AF! Luckily for me, she was excepting new clients. So i sent her a DM and the rest is history!

My journey with Sam goes BEYOND what happened to me physically. Reading a suggested book by Sam called The Big Leap paired with her coaching style, I learned that I was holding myself back for so long. I was able to step out of my situation and realized that every time, "Life got in the way," or "I just got sick or too tired," that was me subconsciously sabotaging myself because somewhere in my mind I decided that I could never be what i dreamed and deserved to be.

I consistently measured and weighed my food for 3 going on 4 months now. I began to food prep (not insanely) but more than I was which makes it easier to grab a go. "Let your appliances work for you," Advice from Sam i took seriously. I weighed myself and took pictures daily and monthly. These were all things I told Sam i hated when we first started working together. All things now, that I don't even think about. Because they were the bull shit stories i kept telling myself "I couldn't do" but in fact I could i just kept getting in my own way.

I cannot begin to thank Sam enough for her coaching style and that book. The confidence I have gained from this eye opening experience is spilling over into everything else. I feel unstoppable. I know now that I don't have to believe the bull shit i tell myself because simply their lies and that's just not me. I am a person who can work really hard for what she wants and to stay consistent. And my "fuck ups," were never that. Sam always said, "It's ok, we'll start again tomorrow." There are no ceilings to your potential and admitting that can be scary. Embracing your potential can be terrifying but it is beyond worth it. Thank you Sam, for everything. XO

Genevieve B.

My excitement to work with Sam stemmed from having made her acquaintance in architecture school a few years ago. Here I was current day, working full time as an associate architect while also pursuing my masters degree, and studying for my registration exams, but all the while feeling like I was on autopilot. I was in this mode of experiencing being healthy enough to keep getting by without a struggle, however, at the same time there was also guilt for knowing that I constantly prioritized my job over myself, and it was with sheer luck that I managed to not get sick or have other health related setbacks.

There was no question in my mind that working with Sam was the right choice for me, and I felt so confident in her methods because of the similar path we had both walked at one point. The profession of architecture can cast a bit of an obsessive spell on a person, so being able to witness what Sam had created for herself, in her life and her business, aside from her own experience with architecture made me believe that the possibility of creating a better work-life separation could be true for me as well. Having her as a role model gave me the confidence and security I needed to take the leap into creating new habits and fostering new routines in my day to day. Here was living proof that someone who wrestled with the same field of work I was in was also able to set it aside and conquer some mega feats!

As silly as it sounds, I never realized the simple remedial effects that going for a walk could have. The opportunity had been in front of me the whole time as a way to break up my day and get away from my desk, but I had never seen it before. With Sam putting the challenge in front of me to walk 10,000-11,000 steps a day, I knew I had to get creative with how to divide the task. Before I knew it, I was coveting the chance to walk 2 miles in the dawn hours before work. Then I eagerly used my lunch hour to walk as far as I could around the local trail system. Oftentimes I was hitting my step goal before I had to leave work at the end of the day!

The same gradual steps towards success and increased motivation resonated even more as I consistently got into the gym and set my mind towards excelling through the workouts that Sam planned for me. And I also saw even more change as I continually looked a look at how I could shore up my eating habits, especially when it came to foods I was reactive to, or how I would respond to trying to not address hunger in face of my time being consumed by work, and how it would make me feel worse. The mindfulness and reflection portion to this whole experience was the key that I had been missing in reclaiming ownership of my time and attention towards my health and body, and Sam so excellently provided the steps and reinforcement towards finding it, and in ways that were so easy to navigate and understand. I have never felt stronger and more in charge of my life than I do now, and I am so looking forward to continuing to progress upon all the things that Sam has helped me build!

Amy C

Although my time with Sam as a coach was a short three months, it was valuable and came at a time of need (I truly believe in coincidences). We met at a volunteering opportunity and I was impressed with her experience and journey towards where she is today. I personally was stuck in a rut. I had just graduated from college and went through a summer of travel and fun, but with little dedication towards habits of fitness I built throughout college. I was hard on myself, constantly comparing my abilities to others at the gym and my previous abilities. I created excuses for why I could not get myself back to where I was. At the time I was living at a hotel and having trouble with the apartment I was moving to, which I used to internally validate what was laziness and lack of motivation.

When I started to work with Sam, I thought that I was going to go through this amazing and fast transformative experience. I thought within a month I was going to look like those fitness gurus I follow on Instagram. Sam was the one to hit me with reality and teach me that progress should be slow if I wanted it to be sustainable. She is terrific with sharing her experiences with other clients, women who are going through the same struggles with health and fitness as I went through. She calls out how our mental process sets back our fitness and health journey. Really the only thing holding me back was me and all the voices in my head validating my lack of action. Although she is no longer my coach, I intend to continue follow her advice she gives publicly and listen to her podcasts. They are valuable sources of information that I intend to surround myself to uplift my own journey.

Aurora B.

I was in a horrific car accident in January, of 2016. I had to start at the beginning again. Being only 21 at the time, I lost a lot of myself in that accident. Mentally exhausted, I had no drive to do anything. Especially when it came to physical activities.

It is June 1st, 2017. I just left Boston Sports Club in Davis Square, saying thank you to Sam Altieri, a personal trainer. I had just deadlifted my own bodyweight (100lbs.). I remember June 1st, 2016. I went to a movie with a friend. She had to pull her car up to the curb outside of the theatre, put the hazards on, and quickly shuffle to the other side to help me get out of the car, remembering to grab my cane.

Back to present day: I walked half a mile to the gym, and then did 60 minutes of weight training with Sam, and walked half a mile back, holding two full bags of groceries. I drink a protein smoothie, shower, and sit down to type a testimonial. A year ago, I struggled to get out of bed to go the movies; today, I am strong, I am proud, I am hopeful, I am blessed. Sam pushed me to be a better person. I can’t even fully explain how much I appreciate it.

After laying in a hospital bed for 5 months, with minimal range of motion, I was at my heaviest weight (June 1, 2016 - 127 lbs.). I didn’t feel strong or beautiful. I wore a lot of baggy clothes, turning the lights off before bed so I didn’t have to see myself in the mirror. Today I am proud of my toned legs, walking all around town, holding a third of my weight in my hands. 3.2 miles to be exact. Before I met Sam, I would get groceries delivered to my home. I could barely walk to the closest convenience store, let alone lug groceries back home, up two flights of stairs. Everything that Sam has taught/demonstrated/explained to me in the gym has directly applied in everything I do outside of the gym. I have learned proper techniques to aid my overall well-being. I eat well balanced meals, sleep 8 hours a night, exercise every other day, focusing on cardiovascular as well as weight training. I have gone down from a size 4/6 to a size 0/2. I just got rid of all of my one piece bathing suits, and ordered to 2 bikinis. Sam Altieri gave me support, guidance, opportunity, confidence, strength and friendship. - Aurora Burgos (present: June 1st, 2017- 117 lbs.)

Jason D. Age 46

"In January of 2019, I contacted Sam about her online training. I hadn’t done anything like this before and Sam was great in working with me to give it a try. And since then training with Sam has been a life changing experience.

I had mental, emotional and physical challenges that I had been working through over the previous few years from past relationship break up and early childhood trauma. I had trained in the past but like Sam, and I had tried lot’s of things that never really worked for me. Sam was instrumental in helping me work through these challenges and find the tools necessary to get back into my health and fitness again.

And that’s what set Sam apart from many personal trainers I have worked with previously. Sam not only has an incredible knowledge and experience with strength training, conditioning, mobility and nutrition, all of which Sam has been such an amazing coach in helping me with, but Sam also has helped me with the mental and emotional side of getting myself to the place I am today as a strong and able person taking control of my strength training and nutrition.

Sam was patient and supportive in listening and hearing the struggles I was still having with getting back into training and with my nutrition. Sam was so amazing in being caring, empathetic and compassionate in allowing me to feel safe and supported. Not only that, but Sam also helped me in find my way through these challenges with such excellent tools to the point where I no longer am affected by these negative tendencies of the past. I am now empowered and free! This has been the most integral part of me getting back into my health and well being! To get your mental and emotional game in check really does help with your strength and conditioning training.

Sam works with you on ALL levels to really find your inner power so you can then truly find your own journey back into your body. I can’t thank Sam enough for this journey so far!

Sam is truly amazing at what she offers and I can’t recommend working with Sam highly enough. YOU ROCK SAM! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

Amanda C.

For years, my primary motivation for going to the gym was to maintain a certain weight. I fell into a pattern that we’re all familiar with-framing working out as punishment for “bad” food choices. Any benefit to exercising beyond hitting a number on the scale wasn’t important to me-it was simply a means to an end. I was approaching working out as a chore, and not surprisingly, it became one. I knew I wanted to shift my perspective on food and exercise, but I didn’t know how.

I’d tried a few trainers over the years but nothing really stuck-I’d do a couple of sessions, get overwhelmed and then after a few weeks go back to doing mindless cardio. With Sam, I was able to be completely honest about my unbalanced relationship with food and exercise. Sam assured me from the beginning that I couldn’t “mess up” and gave me challenging routines that snapped me out of my negative trance. She encouraged me to push myself, while making sure my form was on point and that my program was tailored to the time I actually had to devote to it. With Sam’s help, I’m able to get more out of going to the gym because we reframed what I put into it. Her support helped me see myself in a new light-as a person capable of growth who’s getting stronger everyday.

Kelsey H.

“It's been great working with Sam these past 8 months and I believe it's just the beginning of our journey together. I wanted to share that while I typically believe the word empowerment is overused, that truly is the best word to describe our work together. Before I began training with you I was too intimidated to walk in the gym and complete a workout alone. Over the past few months, I've gained numerous tools to help me lose fat and build muscles including the confidence to take up space in the gym and get my workouts done!”

Clare P.

When I started off, 6 months ago, I went into it with the same mindset I’ve always had about fitness: I wanted to push myself really hard and see results right away. When I didn’t see results as fast as I wanted, I would get down on myself and schedule more workouts and try and eat more restrictive thinking that would help. It didn’t, and it only gave way to eating like shit on the weekends.

I did see results, but it wasn’t during a “fat loss phase”, it was during the time I was increasing my calories per day to an amount that felt uncomfortable to me. I was lifting 4 times a week and eating so much more than I usually would. I also wasn’t running at all, which was something I used to need to do in order to feel like I got a good workout. It was so weird to see results during a time that I wasn’t actively focusing on it.

Before I started with Sam, I would feel really bad and down on myself if I missed two workouts in a week. Now, I aim for 5 workouts in a week and I am very satisfied with three or four. It feels so good to be content with my activity level and know that I am still doing everything right! I went into this wanting to come out ripped, and although I am definitely stronger, the biggest takeaways for me are: being active in some way every day is enough, eating right and not treating your body like a garbage can is tough but fulfilling, and I am happy with my body and what is does for me on an daily basis and I need to start treating it with more kindness and respect!

Erin K.

I've been working with Sam for several months now, and she's been a fantastic coach, trainer, and cheerleader. She's given me great workouts and plans, solid advice on nutrition and how to approach my exercises, and very detailed information on the "why" behind these plans. And it's working - I'm getting stronger, building muscle, and getting more definition!

I also want to note that while I'm a big gym enthusiast, I'm also someone who has to work some long hours, loves chocolate and wine, and needs to travel once in a while - all things that can, and do, get in the way of sticking to a strict schedule. Instead of scolding or shaming me, Sam fully recognizes that life happens and there is joy in caloric foods, so I never have to worry about feeling bad about being human. She just highlights the 80/20 rule and then cheers me on as I head back to the gym, which really helps motivate me to keep making healthy choices when I can."

A few years ago I had just started to venture into the weight room at my gym, and starting asking this super friendly and fit girl for advice on lifts, when and what types of protein to eat, and how to approach those super serious guys at the squat rack when you need to get a turn on it. She soon became my trainer and has been an incredible positive force ever since. Thanks for all the lifting routines, pep talks when I was having a garbage day, and encouragement to sign up for my first ever lifting meet, @saltylifts ! It’s been a blast working with you and I can’t wait to see what you help me achieve next!

Martha S.

Working with Sam has been a complete game-changer in my life. In 2011, I started having severe food allergies and sensitivities which forced me to be picky with my good. I made a lifestyle change in 2013, which included exercise 3 times a week and better eating habits. Over 3 years, I increased my workout schedule to 6-7 days a week of lifting, but was completely clueless on what to eat which equaled to questioning every bite that went into my mouth. This resulted in stress, moodiness, fatigue, and plateauing in my physique goals.

Since November 2016, Sam has held my hand while helping me increase my calories from 1200 to 1840. Throughout this process, Sam has been patient, kind, and diligent in her work. With Sam, I have found a love and appreciation for this lifestyle of nourishing your body, working it hard, and balancing life all together. I couldn't do any of this without her!

Lori M.

I'm a thirty-five year old female, with a job that can easily hit twelve hour days. I have very little personal time and have always struggled with scheduling time for meal prep or daily workouts. I've done boot camp classes, weight watchers, fasting diets, cardio workouts - yet nothing has re-set my lifestyle in the 'big picture' way I have been looking for. Sam's teachings, program, and overall gentle encouragement have presented a more realistic goal for me - *gradual* lifestyle change. I haven't experienced any dramatic shifts in weight loss, I don't have stunning before/after photos (yet). But Sam has armed me with the patience - and the facts - to help me realize that focusing on those things does not necessarily constitute a healthy mindset.

What I DO have, finally, is a confidence and an education as to what I'm doing to my body. I have a CONTROL over my body in a way I've never experienced before. I see small changes, important changes! - and now, I KNOW exactly what to do to see MORE change. That, to me, is mind-blowing. That, to me, is the most powerful tool I could've asked for - CONTROL. Knowledge. And constantly having Sam's expertise available so I can adjust her workouts or eating suggestions in ways that will still help me achieve my goals, but also fit within my personal situations. Since working with Sam, I've seen muscle definition and endurance build in significant ways. I ran my first 4 mile race where I actually kept up with seasoned runners. I'm lifting weights, pushing myself, and enjoying it - rather than hating every second of my workout. My body is changing, slowly but surely, and it feels GREAT. Sam is your champion. :)

Catherine P.

Working with Sam wasn’t quite the transformation I was expecting! I really enjoyed the variety of exercises and the fact that they were tailored to me. I grew more confident being in “the bear pit” at the gym and looked forward to getting out of my head for a while.

The diet side of things was much harder and definitely a rollercoaster when it came to be on and off track with calorie intake! For me though the biggest transformation has been mentally. Whilst initially I thought I wanted to be strong enough to do push-ups and eat all the right things, what I realized is that I just wanted to feel healthy and happy in my own skin.

Focusing on fitness and weights was a bandaid for what was really going on! This realization was hard for me to admit but throughout all our work together Sam was completely supportive and understanding of my mental battles. I was able to be open and honest throughout our time together and never felt judged.

Although there was little physical changes in my appearance, the process was extremely transformational for me and I can only thank Sam for helping me start to transform my life for the better.

Ericka S.

12 years ago, I was surprised when I had gained 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I couldn't figure out where the weight had come from. I thought I was eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and I was exercising 6 days a week. I contacted and met a nutritionist who diagnosed me with celiac and found out my body was in hiatus after eating gluten for so many years and not knowing I had a problem with it. After years of controlling my diet, setting personal exercise goals for myself and working with trainers and nutritionists, Ive gone from being the heaviest I had ever been to the lightest Ive ever been. I am thankful and grateful for the people in my life who have helped me get to where I am today. I don't always see the change in myself, but I know my body can feel the difference with the change in the last 12 years.

I started working with Sam in January, 2017. I had recently gone through some health issues, and was feeling weak and frail. In January, I was given the ok to start working out again. I needed some guidance on what I could and couldn't do. I have loved working with Sam. She has given me the proper guidance of showing me what I should be doing during my workouts. I love outdoor sports, but don't particularly care for weights and gym activities. Sam has continuously showed me how important weightlifting is for gaining strength. I love that she pushes me to do things that I normally wouldn't do on my own. I am grateful to her for helping me regain my physical strength. She has a positive outlook on things, and has the ability to push people beyond what they 'think' they are capable of doing. I am excited to continue to work with Sam. I am thankful that she is willing to continue to work with me to reach my physical goals.

Julia T.

When I met Sam I was sick, weak and quite desperate. I knew I needed to do something, but just spending time at the gym with some iron seemed scary and pointless, so I signed up for personal training in hopes I'd get some guidance. And boy was that SOME guidance!

What's unique about Sam is that she takes a holistic approach to personal training - she is incredibly knowledgeable not only in the exercise routines, but also nutrition, lifestyle and other aspects of life that are holding you back from being healthy, happy and in good shape. Sam also is very sensitive to when I can and cannot push my limits on any given gym day, so I learned to trust her intuition. In a year I've known Sam I am happy to report that I feel stronger, more toned up and energetic than in my 20s - and I literally started from the deep deep desperate bottom. Thank you, Sam, for constant inspiration, encouragement and amazing results.

Hailey C.

I initially joined Sam’s 8 week Kickstart program back in October 2016. All I knew was that I wanted to make some lifestyle changes and I needed help to do that. Sam was great, very eager to help and informative. She provided me with a lot of valuable information regarding diet, as well as a very detailed work out plan. Going to the gym daily and using free weights was slightly out of my comfort zone until I accepted this challenge. I ended up really enjoying my time spent at the gym, and now feel comfortable going every day and even lifting in the free weight zone otherwise maybe known as the ‘buff guys only zone’, or known as ‘where I never would have stepped foot in before’.

I did not see amazing results after the eight weeks, but I felt stronger, and I felt more knowledgeable, and I felt more committed to my lifestyle changes, which made me want to keep going. Her eight week challenge sparked a change in my overall mentality that has continued over these past 8 months. I actually just realized it has been 8 months since I really committed to working out frequently and paying attention to what I was eating, and I’m surprised. It sounds like a long time, but it now just feels routine. Over these past 8 months, my endurance has greatly increased, I feel healthy and strong and overall happy. The number on the scale hasn’t changed a whole lot, but I feel different; I feel skinnier and can feel muscle instead of fat when I pinch my body, my clothes have been fitting better, and I feel more confident in the way I look. I understand that it’s always a long road to get to that end goal, but I have only accepted my small advances along the way and have not allowed myself to give up when things still seem impossible.

I think the most important thing that I have gained over these past 8 months from Sam is the knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle and the encouragement along the way from her to keep progressing. Admittedly, the diet part has been a much bigger struggle for me than exercise. It took me a while to fully understand how eating clean is very important because it really works hand in hand with working out as a fuel for your body, but also understanding that you can still treat yourself occasionally. In other words I realized eating clean isn’t that hard if you plan properly, and actually tastes good and fills you up and that eating pizza every now and then isn’t a crime! Sam was always there to answer my million questions about what I should be eating or how much and always giving recipes or suggestions or even views into her daily life. I have really looked up to her these past eight months; she is an amazing trainer and friend and above all, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that extra push in their life, much like I was 8 months ago.

Jess P.

I have been working with Sam for four months now and honestly it feels more like playing!!! I started working on my own years ago, but had to stop because of a foot injury. During that time I got really depressed and pretty much ate whatever and wasn’t active. I only ever knew and did cardio workouts. Although I felt ok, I never saw only substantial results.

When I met Sam she was so positive and super relatable. I instantly felt like a badass. We instantly connected so I decided to train with her. I keep getting stronger with every session. Sure I lost some weight, but I also look and feel sexy!

Our sessions are fun , and Sam pushes me further than I thought possible. As I write this I am still sore from a session the day before—where I so happened to complete personal records for deadlifting and squats!

Jeff S.

Working with Sam is a great experience! From day one she listened to my needs and has delivered. Not only is she attentive to my specific fitness goals but she is flexible and available to answer questions and is very responsive. I've been working with Sam for almost 6 months and by sticking to a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle that incorporates fitness as a priority, I have lost weight (21 lbs so far!), gained muscle, improved endurance and flexibility. When you meet your goals and start see yourself transforming positively it is easy to get addicted to results and stick with it. Most of all Sam is fun to work with! She is a positive person. This is really important because inevitably there are days when you need a little extra motivation to get in a good workout. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer I highly recommend you connect with Sam.

Alex M.

As someone who actively didn't like going to the gym and being surrounded by gym people, I was very apprehensive about committing to training with a trainer. Sam is super fun, easy to chat with, and super knowledgeable. I have a legitimately good time in our sessions. She's allowed me to feel comfortable going to the gym and I now have a good routine. In addition, through our months together, I've noticed significant increases in my strength, reduction in fat, and just a general better feeling. Thanks Sam!