Fly to 6 Figs [funnel] ✈️

Self Paced Business Accelerator for coaches, healers and lightworks who are ready to build a legit online business and scale to 6 figures and beyond with ease.


With Your Teacher, Sam Altieri.


What you'll receive:

Inside this program, you’ll unlock everything you need to build a successful coaching / healing / lightworking business. These trainings are exactly what has helped Sam scale to 6 figures and the same philosophies to help her scale past 7 figures.

💸 Activate Your Wealth + Success Identity so that you can embody the woman who scales to $100K and beyond with ease. Your Identity is the foundation for everything else.

💸 Build an Unstoppable Mindset + Unapologetic Confidence so that you can show up authentically and take aligned action. Ditch perfectionism, procrastination and fear, show up and create.

💸 Organic Social Media Growth so that you can build your social meida community and true fans. Having people in your audience who want what you have to offer is key. Learn the strategy to create content that magnetizes them.

💸 Identifying Your Ideal Client, Marketing, Mastering Content and Magnetic Messaging so that you can attract ideal clients who are ready to buy your offers. Without nailing your messaging and niche, you will be all over the place. This module simplifies it all for you!

💸 Building Your Offerings so that you can scale with simplicity, while working less and making more money. The key to business is KEEP IT SIMPLE. I teach you how to identify which offer to build (1:1, group, course or membership) and exactly how to sell it.

💸 Selling + Launching, The FUN Way so that you can receive more money in less time having more fun. When selling becomes fun, you start doing it. I teach you sales in a flirty, fun way that will start bulking up your bank account. Get prepared for the floodgates of abundance to pour in.

💸 Scaling with Simplicity so that you can make more money without working more. I teach you how to hire, when to hire and how to move from solopreneur to CEO.

BONUS 1: 2 PreRecorded Hot Seat Q+As with the most commonly asked questions from the program, totaling 3.5 hours.

BONUS 2: PDFs + Done for You Templates. Includes a sample contract, client onboarding email, sample application to work with you, an ideal client avatar, how to structure your offerings, crystal clear messaging, content idea bank and more.

BONUS 3: Sam's Riffs + Activations for you to stay high vibe, remember who the fuck you are and embody the frequency of success.




Once you sign up, you'll be directed to your online portal to receive access immediately.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you purchase the program and go through it entirely, show me you did the PDFs and don't believe the program was well worth $888, email us within 7 days for a full refund no questions asked. This is how much I believe in this program.

What People Are Saying:

I love how you break business down and make it so easy.. Like SO easy! Uncomplicated, fun and full of possibility. Thank you for pushing me to claim who I'm speaking to! I always feel re-inspired when I am in your sphere!!!

Watching the first call now - already fucking lit up with the first question. LOVE ALL OF THIS! 💋❤️‍🔥⚡️

I wish I had this program at the beginning too. It's so thorough and includes everything to get started.

I wanted to thank you for providing this program because HOLY SHIT the value was beyond priceless. It was all of the “insider” information that I wasn’t sure where to find. You covered everything. You also created a community that was safe and fostered individualism and I appreciate you so so much for that. I’m very grateful to have gotten the chance to work with you. Thank you and love you 💜

Fly to 6 Figs was incredible. It is the program I wish I had when I started my business. The visuals and PDFs are amazing. It's the most high quality training, like ever.

I got my money's worth after the first module.

Duuuude Call 1 was balls to the walls and I unlocked so much! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

$999.00 USD