ANTI-SOCIAL: How to Start and Launch Your Podcast

ANTISOCIAL is a course on how to start, launch and grow your podcast. It will show you how simple it is to start your show, get your message out there, use your voice and the strategies I've used to grow my show and create over $800k through podcasting.

Why I created ANTISOCIAL:

I'm excited to pull back the curtain and teach you how you can start a podcast, too. One of the reasons why I'm obsessed with podcasting is because 1) I love to talk 2) social media can be overwhelming and short form content often makes me freeze 3) it feels like the easiest platform to connect with my community because it's so authentic and down to earth.

Podcasting is a liberating platform for self expression and a great platform to focus on in 2024, as it's very undersaturated, allows you to build your personal brand with depth, trust and intimacy, and paves the path to public speaking if you desire to do that. 

Who is Sam Altieri:

Sam Altieri is a Speaker, Podcast Host and Psychic Business + Wealth Activator. She has built a 7 figure personal brand and teaches women how to activate their voice, their power and their fullest self expression to create lasting freedom and wealth from the inside out. 


  • Entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and leaders who want the blueprint to start + launch their podcast to create lots of value for their community, maximize visibility and grow their business
  • Existing podcasters who want practical strategies to grow their show, which in turn will grow their business


What You'll Receive:

  • A 75 Minute Podcast Training with Sam Altieri
  • A PDF with all the resources that you need to successfully leverage podcasting for your business growth
  • The Simplest Tech Setup and Microphone 
  • Top Performing Pitch Templates to get on other people's shows
  • Show Notes Template to simplify and maximize your reach and search-ability
  • Lifetime Access to the Replay and Resources so you can rewatch + come back to for reference


Once You Purchase:

✅ You will receive an email with the PDFs and Masterclass. You will have lifetime access to the replay and resources.

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$188.00 USD