💸 Channeled Session

A 30 minute channeled activation session with Psychic Channel and Intuitive Mentor Sam Altieri.

Sam will help you get clarity on your business and messaging through a combination of modalities including: akashic records, psychic reading, energy healing, wealth identity, root cause healing, 8 years of business experience and channeling business ideas for you.

We will let the magic unfold but may chat about any or all of the following:

  • messaging, offers and biz structure
  • uncovering and removing any and all subconscious money blocks
  • soul path / alignment / identity
  • embodiment, voice, power, showing up + authenticity
  • aligning your business to your desired lifestyle / working less


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Sam Altieri is a 7 Figure Psychic Channel, Business and Wealth Activator and Speaker. She has built a loyal following of over 42,000 women on her social media platforms organically, a top rated podcast and created over 7 figures. She's here to help ambitious women find their purpose, live out their potential and make massive impact with their gifts.

❤️‍🔥 Client Love:

This was the most powerful experience I've had with a mentor. I got more clarity on my business structure and mission in this session than 6 months of previous coaching.

My sessions with Sam have been awesome. We accomplished so much in a short period of time. Before I began working with Sam, I knew something about my offers didn't feel right, but I wasn't sure what it was. She quickly helped me understand how to niche down further and simplify my offers in a way that will make selling them easier. I'm still offering the same things I was before, just in a different way. I love her energy and desire to help other women grow!

Briana F.

"Thank you for the call! You have no idea! And I’m on fire 🔥 I just signed a new $555 Biz Accelerator call."

Christine M.

FUCK I felt so witnessed by Sam during our coaching call! I love that she could see the layers to my question, pick out the ways I’ve been keeping myself small, and lovingly stretch me toward the next level I’ve been craving. The space with her is so safe, so fun, so playful, and she has a way of delivering messages that pang at my heart and make me want to rise to a whole new version of me. I love YOU my dear and thank you so much for deeply seeing me 🥰🙏

Tinli Y.

Today's post engagement was double my previous post and I hit almost $1k in passive sales from the freebie I mentioned in today's post 🔥🔥🔥🔥 That ONE tweak from our call yesterday & this was the result. Just had to say THANK YOU, I'm SO EXCITED FOR 2024 with you!!!

Erica M.

That activation call got all the juices flowing! I want to put ALL the ideas into motion RIGHT NOW!!! So good and I feel so affirmed with the direction I was going AND MORE!! Best 45 minutes ever!!

Shannon C.

Sammmm!!! Thank you for that incredible session today. It was insane how I felt you SEE right through me the entire time. You went so deep in 30 mins and were able to figure out what was blocking me. Thank you for holding the vision with me. Thank you for really seeing me. For activating me. Thank you!!!! You knew exactly what I needed and just wow. I am so grateful for you and our call. Thank you!!!

Jess K.

WTF SAM. TWO FUCKING DAYS. In 2 day of just getting out of my own way, I booked a client for my 4 month private mentorship. A $999 stripe notification!!!

Jordan H.

You guyssssss I just did an activation session with @samaltieri and it was LIFECHANGING. I laughed, I cried. Her ability to look at my business and truly *see* it is mind blowing. I just wanted to share and shower her with love, THANK YOU SAM!!!!!!

Meera S.

Holy shit! Can I just talk about our call today?!?! You helped me get really clear on my messaging and who I am speaking to because before that I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall with my content! By the end of the call you had me seeing a whole new world of possibilities. I feel so lit up by life! My creativity is flowing and I feel I am at the beginning of a movie… watching all I have been asking for, dreaming of and desiring unfold before my eyes! You really have helped me shift from a victim in my business to holding a vision of working with celebrities lol!

Erica H.

$888.00 USD

1:1 Activation Session with Sam Altieri


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