In tough moments, it’s easy to complain, isn’t it? We get into funks, shit happens and the whole world feels like it’s out to get us! When this happens, do you have a hard time practicing gratitude? Sometimes, I do! And the thing is, we aren’t hardwired to be grateful. But.. like any skill worth having, gratitude requires practice.

Sooooo.. for the month of June, let’s practice gratitude together!

Do this challenge daily & see how your life changes. I end my day with gratitude. Going to bed acknowledging all that you DO have can put your mind at ease and send you off into sleep.

Gratitude helps us see our situation in a way that can lessen panic and open up our thinking to new solutions. Gratitude puts situations into perspective.

When we can see the good as well as the bad, it becomes more difficult to complain & stay stuck.

Gratitude helps us realize what we have. The awareness of what we're grateful for can lessen our tendency to want more all the time.

Gratitude makes us happier. Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and, in general, makes us happier.


How to Practice:
Notice your day to day life and revel in all the goodness we often take for granted.
Keep a gratitude journal. It could be mental or you could write things down.
Give compliments daily
When you’re in a bad situation, ask yourself, what is this teaching me?
Donate your money, time and talent. Both parties will feel love!

What’s one thing you’re grateful for?
Right now, the biggest thing for me is my health!