This month's challenge is to get a quality sleep for at least 7 hours. Here's some tips on how to improve your sleep!

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Time your sleeping schedule so you sleep within 90 minute intervals (roughly 1 sleep cycle) to avoid waking up groggy mid-sleep cycle.
  • Try to regulate your sleep. Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, even weekends!
  • Exercise daily!
  • Make your bedroom comfortable. Find the right mattress and pillows for your body and your requirements. Adjust the room temperature to 60-70 degrees for optimum sleep.
  • Eliminate screens for 1 hour before bed. Avoid bright lights right before bed, and wake up to natural light in the morning.
  • Have a night time ritual before you go to bed like yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or reading.
  • Light incense or a candle (remember to blow it out before sleeping!).
  • Drink de-caffeinated tea, like chamomile or sleepytime tea.
  • Take melatonin supplements.
  • Consume high fat foods before bed, like peanut butter and nuts.
  • Use sleep tracking apps like "Good Morning" or your activity tracker to be more aware of your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles.