Breakthru the Binge

An 8 week online course designed to take you from stuck, insecure and feeling broken to healthy, thriving and confident so you can take life by the horns, be unstoppable, and own who you truly are

If you're anything like me, you've probably said to yourself...


If any of these sound like you, keep reading...

You’ve lost and regained the same 5-10 lbs since you can remember.

You've never not been on a diet. Truthfully, you hate your body and you feel like you have no self control. The voice in the back of your head tells you that you're going to be like this forever and that you won't ever be able to lose the weight. You feel like there's something wrong with you. 

Shit typically hits the fan after dinner time. You catch yourself staring into the fridge or cabinets looking for "something" even though you aren't hungry, but saying "fuck it, what's the point?" and eating whatever looks good. Ice cream, muffins, cookies, you name it.

You feel guilty but continue to eat and convince yourself it's fine. You'll get back on track tomorrow. You eat when you're sad, when you're stressed, when you're overwhelmed and when you're angry. Food is your comfort. You can't stop. It's what you've always done.

You've accomplished so much in other areas of your life, but whenever you make progress on your body, you wonder when you'll mess it up. You’ve tried everything. You've cut out foods, you've even given up bread, tried eating 1,200 calories, stopped eating your favorite desserts, been on countless diets, and your weight just won't budge. 

.. and you're sick of this shit. 


You want to be free of the vicious cycle!!!

I want to be free!!

You feel like you should be further along by now.

Shit really hits the fan when you're stuck in comparison mode. You think to yourself, you'll never be like her. You'll always be fat and lazy. You scroll past the girls on your news feed. You see your old friends from high school or college losing weight. They can somehow eat whatever they want and lose weight, but not you. This is as good as it gets for you.

It’s seems like when you eat, it goes straight to your belly and thighs. You’ve tried restricting yourself but it only leads to binging, and you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels and not making any real progress.


You wonder what's wrong with you..


Maybe right now, the thought of making progress and eating normally again is so foreign to you, that it’s uncomfortable to think about. And now that you are working from home, you are surrounded by all of the food all of the time.


You just can’t get enough. You realize that you just can't stop eating.


You know there has to be a way to have a healthy relationship with food, but you're ashamed and confused because you feel like you should have it figured out by now.


You’re an adult. You should know how to eat, right?!


Why is losing weight so hard for you? 

You’ve had the same goal for years (maybe even decades) and feel ashamed that you still haven't achieved it.

You see plenty of people losing weight around you. You wonder why not you? What's wrong with you? You wonder if you're broken. Why can’t you just get it together? It seems like you’ve always been like this. You think back to that hurtful comment someone made to you when you were little, and you’re starting to believe that they were right.  

But…. on a rare occasion.. you make a little progress and have a moment of hope. There’s a voice in the back of your head that whispers.. "maybe you can do this." 

You’ve been here many times before. But you always mess it up. You know after a good streak, you always sabotage. You always take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back.

.. it's like somewhere along the way, you lost your confidence.

Girl, I have good news for you..


.. you never lost your confidence! It's in there. That little voice that whispers, "maybe you can do this" .. that's the REAL you. She's inside you. She's begging to get out. Healing your relationship with food and feeling confident in your body is possible.


Being healthy and feeling good in your body is your damn birthright! You and I both know that you deserve it just as much as that girl you just scrolled by on your news feed. She's no more deserving than you.


You know it's in your head. You just have to get out of our own way. You know that you have much bigger and better things to worry about than food!


Does this sound like you?


➜   you have no self control and eat way beyond the point of fullness

➜   you often lose control around food, especially at night and tend to experience lots of cravings after meals 

➜   you eat when you're stressed, bored, sad, angry or to procrastinate

➜   you hop on the scale and it sends you into a spiral for the entire day

➜   you are constantly comparing yourself and feeling less than


>>> if so... keep reading >>>

Close your eyes. imagine how it would feel to...


➜   wake up, get out of bed in the morning feeling healthy and happy, put on your favorite pair of jeans and walk out the door without overthinking it.

➜   be present and happy in your day to day life because you weren't obsessing over your body, food or tracking your calories

➜   be relaxed and normal around food again, with no urges to binge, overeat or emotionally eat

➜   have healthy sustainable eating habits that allowed you to eat all of your favorite foods without losing control [lol hi pizza, granola, oreos, cereal and peanut butter!]

➜  be proud of yourself when your head hit the pillow at night for sticking to your plan for the day

➜   finally lose the last stubborn 5-15lbs of fat you've spent years trying to get rid of


... I'm here to tell you, it's ALL possible.

It's time for you to heal your relationship with food so you can focus on the important stuff - like your relationships, your work, and experiencing the beauty of life.


I know how hard it can feel - especially if you've been spinning your wheels for years. But I'm here to guide you every step of the way - with accountability, support, and the right mindset needed to break free and feel confident in your body.


It’s time to learn how to have a HEALTHY relationship with food, STOP restricting, overeating, emotionally eating and FINALLY lose weight, be CONFIDENT in your body and in CONTROL of your life.


And that's why I created a course to help you heal your relationship with food so you can be confident in your body and start showing up, and owning who you truly are. 


LET'S FACE IT: you can't keep living like this.


REAL TALK: After helping hundreds of women heal their relationship with food, stop overeating and binge eating and lose the stubborn body fat and feel confident in their bodies, I realized they all shared one struggle. There was literally one thing holding them back from making lasting changes to their body: THEIR MINDSET.


They were doing everything right. But to be totally real with you: their mindset was fucked. They would take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. They'd crush their weekdays but their weekends were a total shitshow. They would make one mistake and they'd convince themselves they ruined everything and spiral out of control. They turned to food for every emotion imaginable and didn't know how to stop.


THE GREAT NEWS? Once we dug deep, they literally started shedding weight. They stopped overeating and binging, they started getting healthier and healing their relationship with food. They started feeling confident in their bodies, they started keeping promises to themselves and they lost the weight they had previously struggled to lose for years.


And now, it’s my obsession to help YOU get unstuck & do the same.

Introducing Breakthru the Binge ...

It’s time to learn how to build a HEALTHY relationship with food, STOP overeating, emotionally eating and regaining the same 5-10 lbs and FINALLY be CONFIDENT in your body and your LIFE.


an 8 week online course designed to take you from stuck, insecure and feeling like you're broken to healthy, thriving and confident so you can take life by the horns, be unstoppable and own who you truly are


I created Breakthru the Binge because I've been in your shoes.


After a long day at work, all I could think about was what and how much I was going to eat because let's face it... food tastes so damn good and I was so exhausted from stress at work, life and everyone always needing everything from me.


When my head hit the pillow each night, I was so fucking mad at myself. I hated myself. I was so frustrated that I just couldn’t get it together and I'd promise myself that tomorrow would be better, but it never was. I felt like a failure. I constantly wondered what was wrong with me.


The next morning I felt like crap from overeating & I told myself I’d eat as little as possible to make up for it. But then the vicious cycle reared it's head again when I tried to restrict, which led to more overeating and getting so mad at myself for not being able to get it together.


I tried all the bullshit diets and the insane workouts. I restricted. Then I over-exercised. Then I tried a new diet. And each time they failed me, I believed it was me who failed. I looked in the mirror and said “you worthless piece of shit.”⁣


I was trapped in a cycle and stuck in a body I hated. And all I could do was complain, get mad and eat to comfort myself. Food was one of the most exciting things in my life at the time. But no amount of food from the supermarket would provide me with what I really wanted: happiness.

Look. I get it. I've been there. I feel you because I was you.


I know how it feels to..


➜   not know how to stop eating once you start⁣ and always want more. I felt like I just couldn't get enough.

➜  hate yourself & your body.⁣ I would look in the mirror, poke my love handles, suck in, look at the cellulite on my legs & shake my arms, fixating on my under arm flab.⁣ I just wanted it all to go away!!

➜  not let myself feel emotions. I was scared to feel. So instead, I just shoved the food down.

➜   catch yourself staring into the fridge or cabinets looking for "something" even though I wasn't hungry, and then deciding to say "fuck it, what's the point?" and eating whatever was in front of me.

➜   have an almost “out of body” uncontrollable experience with foods and wondering when the vicious cycle will stop because I was so sick and tired of living like this.

➜   regain and lose the same 5-10 lbs because I just couldn't seem to get it together. It felt like I was never going to lose this weight.



It's time for you to heal your relationship with food.

It’s time to start taking control and get your life back.


It’s time to start grabbing life by the freakin horns!


I know it’s possible for you, because I did it for myself and I’ve done it for hundreds of other women.

And now.. It’s your turn to break the habit.

Overeating and emotional eating is JUST a habit. It's not you. You aren't broken, I promise.



These women did it. You can too.

I have helped hundreds of women learn how to build a healthy relationship with food, stop overeating, emotionally eating and regaining the same 5-10lbs and finally take control and be confident in their bodies and their lives.


Don't just take my word for it...

Amy C  --  "I am no longer depriving myself!!"

In previous weight loss attempts I’d eat nothing but dry chicken and steamed veggies. Spoiler alert, that wasn’t sustainable! Now I make sure to fill my plate with good foods and allow myself the foods I want to eat. Moderation is key!

Sam has also helped me work on my scarcity mindset so I don’t binge. I used to think of pizza as bad and I shouldn’t have it so I’d eat an entire one when I did.

Now that I know I can have food whenever I want, I don’t binge. I work it into my day and if it it puts me over my calorie goal I don’t let it send me into a spiral of eating more that day. I also don’t punish myself the next day.

Being able to eat my favorite foods and still feel good about myself is so rewarding!

Theresa V.  -- "I finally stopped binging!"

I used to eat so little and was not able to maintain that and binged every evening on ice cream and everything I could find. Now I don't restrict any foods at all! I enjoy all food groups without guilt.

I FINALLY stopped binging! If I get into a situation where I would have binged before, I recognize it and will stop super quick and realize that I am not eating out of hunger, but boredom or anger or being overwhelmed. I feel way more balanced and in control with my eating now! I'm even wearing shorts again. It feels super empowering!

Katie V.  -- "I have candy every day and have felt the best I have in my life."


I used to struggle with overeating and body image issues every single day.

I thought I would never be able to achieve my goals. Sam helped me discover that I can eat the foods I like while still achieving my goals. No more sneaking, overeating, or feeling guilty!

I have candy every day and have felt the best I have in my life!! Sour gummies are life.

Maria S. -- "Now, I am showing up for myself, not anyone else."

I used to have an “all or nothing” mindset and I was sabotaging myself without even knowing. I also had such guilt about treating myself to a donut, wine, pizza, etc. I would have one of these treats, feel guilty, then say screw it and eat crap the rest of the day. I wasn’t fully giving myself permission to enjoy the food. Sam guided me to understand this self-sabotaging habit and it’s such a game changer. Now, I look forward to meal planning my whole week, including treats, without guilt. It’s a fun game to rotate recipes, knowing I am setting myself up for success and feeding my body wholesome, healthful foods, of course with the occasional donut, guilt free!

Most importantly, Sam awakened my self-worth and my sense of belonging to myself. I always compared myself to others and it was paralyzing. I would think: if only I was as skinny as her, as fit as her, if I wore more makeup, if I just weighed less, on and on. Now, I am showing up for myself, not anyone else. I am good enough. I accept myself, every freckle, tattoo, every piece of frizzy hair, every spot of cellulite, because I am strong and capable. So I don’t quite fit in with what society might say is normal, but I fit in with myself, I belong to myself and that is what I have embraced.

Kristen C.  --  "I eat things I used to avoid without guilt!"

I have lost fat and gained major muscle. I am more confident and comfortable in my skin. I have a much better relationship with food and I eat things I used to avoid without any guilt. I constantly make a plan and stick to it (this is key!). I no longer have a weight goal or pant size goal, but rather performance goals in the home gym I've created. My body has changed dramatically and I now look in the mirror and see what I do like about my appearance (I love my triceps!). My focus has changed from "being a certain size" to not limiting myself to what I can do. I feel healthy. I feel strong. I'm thirsty for more!


This could be you..

Amy C: down 40lbs, no more binging

Caroline C - down ~5% body fat, no more emotional eating

Sara S - Down 10lbs, no more binging

Theresa B -- down 10lbs, no more binging

The BREAKTHRU Curriculum

Video Poster Image

Nosey? Me too =)


I teach you my exact step-by-step framework for healing your relationship with food so you can finally lose weight and feel confident in your body and your life.

Grab a pen & paper, because with over 8 hours of video trainings and lots of downloadables… you're about to enroll in class! And... I'm a fun teacher =) 

You'll get access to 8 modules and a library of bonus content and recorded group calls so you can get the extra support and tools that you need. Each module has transformational video content along with step-by-step guided worksheetsdownloadable templateswriting prompts, and guided visualizations to get you the results you deserve.

  • You will be invited to 4 group coaching calls with Sam for extra support when you need it the most. If you can't make the call, you will still have access to the recordings [this is a ONE TIME offer for the first group that participates in the course - live coaching calls won't be offered in future course dates]
  • You'll get invited to the private community to connect and share struggles and have breakthroughs with like-minded individuals.
  • You'll get all of the tools and resources you need to stop overeating, emotionally eating and finally take back control of your life. 
  • BONUS MODULE #1: Body Image Freedom with Body Image Expert Izzy Atkinson: How to overcome your body-shaming cycle and feel confident in your skin
  • BONUS MODULE #2: Overeating and How Stress Affects Cortisol & Hormone Balance with Hormone Expert Artemis Scantalides

FYI: As a part of the first round of Breakthru the Binge, I'm adding on 4 live coaching calls as a BONUS! This ALONE is worth $4,000, so if you want the calls, you need to join this round!




Sign up by FRIDAY MAY 29TH @11:59PM EST to get your spot before doors close.











  • Once you're in, you immediately become a member for life. YASSS! lifetime resources so you can't fall off track.
  • You can be a mom with 3 jobs, 3 kids and a crazy schedule & still finish this course. You can go at your own pace & rewatch the videos at anytime.
  • As a part of the first round of Breakthru the Binge, I'm adding on 4 live coaching calls as a BONUS! This ALONE is worth $4,000, so if you want the calls, you need to join this round!
  • You immediately get VIP access to any new trainings! I am constantly updating the course with exclusive trainings.
  • This course is easily valued at $5,000 of high level nutrition and mindset work. My coach thought I was nuts for doing this, but I kept it insanely affordable for you cause well, I wish I had this when I was struggling. This should be accessible!
  • Let’s be REALLY honest, girl. It’s costing you WAY more than $400 to be spinning your wheels & letting food take over your life. And guaranteed, you're spending a crap ton of money right now on food you know you probably don't really want to be eating, anyways.

The value:


Just check out the numbers:

Your weekday latte and breakfast sandwich at Starbucks = $300 / month

Takeout from your favorite lunch spot = $350+ / month

One night's worth of junk food = $50-$100+

One month's worth of junk food = $500+

Shakeology shakes + supplements = $300+ / month


The amount of time you will get back from not having to think about food and your body 24/7 = priceless


So many people are looking for a quick fix that they hope will somehow magically create the life they’re longing for. Month after month, year after year, they spend money on stuff they think will transform them.

But... what if you actually invested in something that had a long-term forever impact? 

You know that material things will come and go but the skills and habits you learn will stay with you for life. By investing in yourself, you learn new skills, mindset shifts and tools that pay back ten-fold on the initial investment. Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You’ll always regret not starting sooner.

You know that if you don’t invest in your physical and mental health now, you’ll be forced to pay for it down the road.

What if you did the inner work that resulted in the confidence and happiness that you truly want?

That's what's possible when you join Breakthru the Binge.

This is a transformational program like nothing you've ever experienced before.


This is a one time investment that keep paying for itself for the rest of your life.


It's your time. You deserve to take care of yourself and reach the goal you've had forever.





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Breakthru the Binge Signature Course










I've packed my absolute best trainings into BREAKTHRU THE BINGE, and I want to make sure that you not only receive all of the content and watch it, but give you 60 full days to actually implement these strategies and start healing your relationship with food and yourself.
Try the entire course. 60 days is enough time to take the course twice and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.
It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If the methods and framework don't improve your results in 60 days, email me. Show me you did the journaling prompts, the mindset exercises and implemented the strategies, and I'll give you all your money back.
This guarantee lasts 60 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.


You may be experiencing a range of different feelings--from fear and anxiety to excitement and gratitude. You might have a lot going on, and I want you to know: I see you. I care. I understand to the extent that I can. And I want you to make a decision that's correct for YOU.
When making a decision on what to invest in, I invite and encourage you to ask yourself a few questions so you can decide from a place of Inner Knowing, Self-Trust, and Growth-Mindset.

Here are some reminders to support you in your decision:


1. You have all of the resources you need inside of you to create the life you want. YOU are the person in power: not me, nor any other coach or influencer. We may be guides and empowering agencies, but you are the one with the power.


2. Notice if there's any resistance in your body.


3. Sit with that feeling. Check in to communicate with it. Fear disconnects us from our hearts, creating separation from our intuition.


4. Are you feeling a desire to do this? Ask yourself: is this desire backed with Love and Service? The intuition will have a strong, calm, grounded clarity saying "yes." If it feels expansive and exciting, take note.


5. Consider the practical: being your own best financial advisor here is important. There are people who have purchased this course on a credit card and did everything in their power to create results, and some people who waited to save. Sometimes, it's important to look at our relationship with money and scarcity, while other times things are actually scarce. If you need my help with making an empowering decision, send me a DM on Instagram @saltylifts