Easiest Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies are a great way to jam pack tons of your daily veggies into a delicious, super easy on-the-go smoothie or smoothie bowl. For those of us who struggle to get in your vegetables, this is totally my go-to solution! It provides tons of plant-based nutrients and is a great post-workout snack, as it contains simple carbs (fruits) and fast digesting protein (whey). I usually have green smoothies after my workouts on the weekends, because I like eating them out of bowls and adding tons of toppings like fruit, coconut flakes, chia seeds, granola, cereal, etc!  Recipe for my green smoothie base is below.


  • 🏼10 ice cubes
  • 🏼1 frozen banana
  • 🏼1/2c frozen spinach
  • 🏼1/4c blueberries
  • 🏼1/4c oats
  • 🏼1 scoop vanilla protein.. I use @isopurecompany
  • 🏼1 scoop @amazinggrass greens
  • 🏼1 scoop @vitacost spirulina powder
  • 🏼1 tsp xantham gum (fluffiness!)
  • 🏼3-5 drops of stevia
  • 🏼1/2c water


  1. Put all in ingredients in a magic bullet or mixer of choice.
  2. Blend on high and pour into bowl.
  3. Add all the toppings!!

PROTIP: add the ingredients in the magic bullet in the order I listed them.. so the frozen stuff goes in first! That way, when you tip it upside down, the ice is the last to mix, and doesn't clog up your mixer.