How to Stay on Track When Traveling

How do I stay on track when I travel, go on vacation, or on holiday?? 


I get this question A LOT! It’s a tricky one because it’s so dependent on the context, your itinerary/plans, and who you’re with. Buttttt there’s some BIG things I do to stay on track while I’m out of my regular routine and I want to share them with you!

  1.  Drink lots of water. Right when you wake up, have a huge glass of water. Carry a water bottle with you during the day to make sure you’re hydrated.
  2.  Go for a jog, do a circuit of bodyweight exercises, or plan to get a lot of walking in!
  3.  Focus on eating lean protein and veggies for the majority of the time.. but also allow some indulgences and treats. it is vacation afterall!
  4.  Make a game plan. If you’re eating out a lot, check out the menu and pick meals that align with your goals! 
  5.  Try not to snack between meals and eat only until you’re 80% full. Stick to 2-3 meals and try to avoid mindless snacking, especially at night!
  6.  Practice IF (intermittent fasting) and plan to stick to a certain eating window that works for you! Ex: only drink water or coffee until 12pm, eat and drink 12pm-8pm, don’t eat/drink anything until the following day at 12pm.
  7.  If you know you’re going to have a heavy or large meal later in the day, eat less in the morning/afternoon. It’s all about total calories for the day. 
  8. Make a pact with a friend or family member that you’re with to make good decisions. Help keep each other accountable. 


The biggest thing to remember is that vacation is a time to enjoy and be grateful, present, and happy! You will jump right back on track when you return to your regular schedule and routine. These are the times where you make memories, so try not to stress to much about calories/macros/eating that extra bite(s). Moderation is key. Happiness is key. It’s all good, just gotta practice BALANCE and hop back into your healthy habits when you return! 

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