8 Week Kickstart Program

Are you looking to lose fat, get toned and understand weight loss?
Do you want to gain confidence in the gym and in yourself, acquire knowledge about proper nutrition while still enjoying your favorite meals and treats?

My 8 week KICKSTART online training program is meant to do just that.


  • You want a fun and intense jumpstart into your fitness journey to build a strong foundation
  • You want to accomplish more in 8 weeks than ever before
  • You need accountability from me and the other participants
  • You need help knowing what to eat and approximately how much to eating daily
  • You need help balancing your health and fitness with your existing life
  • You are already active but want to know the most efficient way to work out and best way to fuel your body with proper nutrition based on your goals


"This program gave me a lot more confidence to go to the gym and try new things on my own. It has also taught me a lot about how to sustain an overall general healthy lifestyle."
"My time with the 8 week workout program was focused and catered to the me as an individual, as opposed to a generic workout program that is targeted toward a large population. With this workout program, I was able to take away valuable habits, nutrition knowledge, and targeted exercises that i will continue to develop over my lifetime."
"I loved the shared recipes within the Facebook group, the overall support, and the macro caloric intake that's specifically catered to your body!"
"I loved the program manual that was provided. It was so easy to read and follow."


  • A skype call to "meet" you!
  • An initial fitness assessment to deeply understand your goals and current level of fitness
  • A personalized nutrition plan using macronutrients and my approach of flexible dieting/iifym based on your height, weight, activity levels, and exercise regimen
  • Two downloadable PDFs: My Nutrition Guide and My 8 Week Kickstart E-Book that includes specific weight workouts and prescribed cardio (you will either need gym access or at minimum, free weights/dumbbells)
  • Communication with me via text or email 24/7 for ANY questions
  • Access to my Facebook community group to meet other hard working individuals


  • You and you hard work ethic!
  • If you don't have gym access, thats okay! All you will need are dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 10-12lbs and a bench, box, or step (anything from 8-12" is great).
  • Smartphone access to download the application MyFitnessPal
  • A food scale (highly recommended, but not necessary. I bought mine on amazon for $15)


Progress will be gauged via progress pictures, weight, measurements, and also how you *feel* at the completion of the program. All of these methods will be recorded both at the start and finish, as they will fluctuate throughout the 8 weeks. The program you receive is 100% customized to YOU and YOUR goals. It is designed to be simple, doable, and conducive to your current lifestyle (no traveling to inconvenient places or potentially uncomfortable places like gyms), yet be challenging and build strength!! Ultimately, I want to open your eyes to world of fitness and help you find balance throughout. I want to work with people who want to work hard and see results. If this sounds like you, please submit an entry below and I will get back to you promptly. Thank you!

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